Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vote for Thomas Lionblood!



Wolf Redfist was having this thing over at that place and I guess I got nominated and I'm all that's cool vote for me yay and then things happened and I made this poster.

(You can click on that to make it bigger if you can't read it and stuff.)

So like.



That's the link to Diary of a Wizard to vote and stuff.


My question is, what happens if I win? Do I get frozen in Carbonite? 'Cause that would rock.

. . . and I was never heard from ever again the end.


witchwarrior said...

Woot! just voted! good luck!

Matthew said...

ooh i see me on your card! i'm the guy all the way to the right!

Anonymous said...

Skeleton Jumpers say VOTE THOMAS :D

Just Voted for (guess who...)Cya!

panglou said...

YES! YES! The skeletons DO vote for you :).

Fred Firepants said...

lol xD

Anonymous said...

I voted for you too, go friendly!

Anonymous said...

lol your like kicking butt on that poll