Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is there an area for each wizard school in the spiral?

I got a question from someone using their mom's e-mail account by accident ;)
So, I wanted to know, Does every school have its own City or area dedicated to it? I'll do one for you and say Dragonspyre for fire.

hmm . . . ok well let's see . . . that's an interesting question, and I don't think it's very cut and dried. Some are more cut and dried than others.

I'd have to say my overall ranking for each world would be like this:
- Wizard City: Death (a good chunk of the bad guys are death)
----Firecat Alley: fire
----Cyclops Lane: myth
----Colossus Blvd: ice
----Triton Ave: storm (although there is a lot of death magic going on here)
- Krokotopia: fire (pyramid of the sun), ice (krokosphinx), and storm (temple of storms) (but the balance school is here and it's very sandy, so balance is represented here too)
- Marleybone: balance, storm (counterweights and gear heads), and spirit schools
- Moo Shu: life (and overall life look), balance, death, and fire (same as the types of onis)
- Dragonspyre: fire and death (and a bit of a mix throughout, example crystal crawlers = ice magic)
- Grizzleheim: has a "life look" but it's a true mix (except for Saavarstad Pass, which has mostly death bosses . . . and I'd say part of Ravenscar and the look of Nidavellir are ice)

So now, for the sake of trying to answer your question, I'm going to backwards categorize some of my more cut and dried choices:
Life: Moo Shu and Grizzleheim
Death: Wizard City, Saavarstad Pass, and Dragonspyre
Myth: Cyclops Lane
Balance: Marleybone and Krokotopia
Storm: Temple of Storms and Counterweights
Fire: Dragonspyre, Firecat Alley, and Pyramid of the Sun
Ice: Collossus Blvd, Krokosphinx, Ravenscar, and Nidavellir

. . . and that's about the best I can do with your question at 6:15 am on 21 February 2010. Whew, nice one!

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

Smart guy...

Fred Firepants said...

Life: Unicorn Way?
Death: Sunken City?
Myth: Cyclops Lane?
Balance: Golem Court?
Storm: Triton Avenue?
Fire: Firecat Alley?
Ice: Colossus Boulevard?

Gosh I'm evil that way >:3

Samuel SpellCaster said...

Isn't it Cyclops Lane, not Cyclops Avenue

Anonymous said...

hey tom, wat if some1 has commander wings, and wing mounts, would both show?

stingite said...

@MWS: thank you, sir

@Fred: I could see that. Don't forget that Unicorn Way and Triton Avenue are full of death mobs and there's also nightside, haunted cave, and dark cave. Not to mention foul gaze in olde town, the 3 death bosses in firecat alley, and Nightshade is the final boss of Wizard City.

@Samuel: fixed! thanks!

@anon: I imagine they would, but I haven't see that combination yet. hmmm. I should camp the arena and see!

Garrett Dayhand said...

I have seen it both wings show.

Anonymous said...

Myth- WC (Hey, wizards are myths)
Balance- KT (You know...)
Death- MB (That's all I have left)
Life- MS (Wasn't Wu from MooShu?)
Fire- DS (Guess why...)
Ice- GH (It IS a cold place!)
Storm- CL (Or could switch with MB)

Amber RosePetal said...

Thanks, friendly. I've always wondered about the worlds...
I finally have a blogspot! Just no blog...I still have to ask my mom about that, LOL!

Anonymous said...

What's up Mr. Lionblood?

JavaScript Hacker said...
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Anonymous said...

no... grizzle hiem is ice ( because of the snow drowning that entire world )