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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Call for Bloggers who are undiscovered (by me at least)

Hey all,

I get busy sometimes and may miss a few of the requests that pop up here or there to add blogs to my blogroll. If you have a blog that is, for the greater part, Wizard101 related, please leave me a note here on this thread, and I will try to add you to my "club" (yeah, my blogroll over there on the side. :-))

As of now I only link to Wizard101 Central as if it was one blog, but in fact it is many many blogs. If you have a Wizard101 Central blog and would like your blog broken out from the crowd, please let me know your central name and I'll give you your own link.

Just so you know, when a blog hasn't been updated for a couple of months, I pull it off of the club listing and put it into the archives. You may have to contact me to get your blog pulled out of the archives if you return to blogging or would like it completely removed from my list.

Also, if your blog has offensive content that is just kind of like GIMME A BREAK material, I will pull it off my list. Kids read this stuff. Keep it clean, keep it awesome. (Feel free to tattle on people who are breaking this one requirement. Send me an e-mail through the "ask friendly a question" link on the side, and I'll take care of it.)

And another also, if you copy material and try to pass it off as your own (i.e., plagiarism), you will also risk being pulled off of the list (unless you remove it).

Thanks! Let the links flow in!

Happy Dueling!


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Donna Spell Thorn said...

Diary of a Life Wizard!!!!!!!!!!!!! My blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Destiny Stormstone said...

I have a wizard101 related site im working on but its not a blog.

panglou said...

Ok, as you can tell, I'm a very unknown blogger, lol. I can't really find anything to post about because nobody ever reads it. But yea it's called The Misty Wizard. ;)


Anonymous said...

The UnicornFlower's Type is my blog :D


robert dawnbrand said...


The Powerful Juan said...

I have a Wizard101 Blog Thank You in advance: www.thepowerfulpyromancer.blogspot.com

Fred Firepants said...

Add meeeeeeeee! o.o

Destiny StormStone said...

o woops its www.aroundthespiral.webs.com

Anonymous said...

My blog is http://thedefendingthaumaturge.blogspot.com/
Add my blogs plz and Thx!

Anonymous said...

oops i meant to say blog i don't have blogS just one blog

Jason said...

mine just started one post but i think people will like it


my bad love the first post

panglou said...

Hey thanks for putting me on it, lol. :)

Stephanie said...

I update my blog probably about twice a month, or whenever I can acutally remember. A Wizard Point of view.


I also have a blog on central but it is pretty much the same as A wizard Point of view.

Nathan said...

Hey there friendly! I have a Wizard101 related blog. My wizard101 central name is Naschool1039.

The Undead Necromancer said...

The Undead Blog, at your service..

An ice princess's diary said...

my blog http://themasterofice.blogspot.com/

Amber RosePetal said...

I don't have a blog but I would like to follow yours.

Nathan said...

Hey I've contacted you before and you said you were having trouble finding my blog I said back to you there is a problem with and I had to fix. I fixed it. Actually I never fixed it so I had to start from scratch. My wizard101 central name is Naschool1039. Cya in the spiral maybe.

Amber RosePetal said...

I'm not known, but I am:

Flint Strider said...

my blog is The Divine Diviner at http://www.thedivinediviner.blogspot.com/

and could you please follow it?

Flint Strider said...

mine is http://www.thedivinediviner.blogspot.com/

please add it!

Flint Strider said...

mine is http://www.thedivinediviner.blogspot.com/

please add it!

The Overachieving Necromancer said...



Samantha Drake-Roseheart said...

I'm not that known so much.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Hey Friendly! Can you add mine, please? I am working on making it better looking, but for now I have at least been posting :)


Kyle Firesword said...

Friendly, can you please add me. Mine is the Sword Chronicles.


Thank you Kyle Firesword

Blaze Silverfist said...

Hey, Friendly. Idk if your going to get notified of this post or not. I hope you are so I can get some views on my blog. That's right, Friendly. Me, Blaze Silverfist, started a blog. The Awesome Sauce-erer. Pretty sweet name huh? :D I came up with it myself.

Anyway, I was hoping you could add me to your blogroll. I would really appreciate it, and the millions of views that will come from it.

Thanks for listening.
~Your friend, Blaze Silverfist

Taji34 said...

Thanks for adding my blog to my blog roll. Could you give me any feed back? Whats good, Whats bad, What should be changed, What should be added, What should be taken out; That sort of stuff. Here's the url http://www.sorcererscorner.com/

Just post feed back in a comment on a recent post.
Thank you ahead of time for the feed back.

stingite said...

Ok, think I got everyone added!

Jason said...

Hello Friendly. May i have your permission t import your blog posts to our facebook page.
Your posts are excellent and I'd love to highlight you on our page and our upcoming website.

Importing your blog to our page creates backlinks to your website that will be indexed by search engines ;)

Firezilla said...

Hey Friendly! I Have a Blogspot, well me and a friend, called TheStormedStormzilla! Check it out!

solidus24 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zachary Skywielder said...

please add it

Wolf Winterstaff said...


Thank you in advance.

Connor Mistblade said...

Friendly my blog is The Myth Wiz
mythwiz in my url

Johnist said...

Journal of a Heal Tank, my Blog http://healtank.blogspot.com

Luke Goldhorn said...

Hey FN, I have a blog. You may already know about it, but it's called The Pyromancer's Digest. The Link is here: http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/blog.php?u=24278

hope to ttyl. :)

P.D. (Thats my nickname on meh blog)

Kevin BattleBlood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kevin BattleBlood said...

Hi Friendly,

Stopping by quick on lunch break...I test drove on blogging for a few days, and finally decided to make it another permanent project. I'd like to join the blogroll, please! Hopefully the young'uns have their dictionaries out for this one.

Thank you for the inspiration!~


Magical Myther said...

yea please and me to blogger list:


stingite said...

Ok, think I got everyone added.

@Jason: Thanks but I'm going to have to decline at this time.

Deathflower said...

Hey all (or just one of you) I'd like my (extremely) new blog added. It's called The Story of a New World at (you guessed it) http://thestoryofanewworld.blogspot.com/ Hope some (or one) of you like it!


AutumnalDusk said...

Dear Mentor, and inspiration,

I am ready to come off the 'retirement bench', if you will have it so.

As always, my respect.

Autumn Duskhunter

Paige MoonShade said...

Paige's page-- new blogger
Housing tips and much more to come

Steven Soulbreaker said...

hey friendly its steven soulbreaker i just started my blog today. its called grandmaster pyromancer and here is the URl: www.grandmasterpyromancer.blogspot.com

P.D. (Luke Goldhorn) said...

The Pyromancer's Digest @ thepyromancersdigest.blogspot.com, please come check it out!

Alric Ravensinger said...

The Raven's Vault


Thanks :)

Morgan Nightstalker said...

I just started a blog... Here's a link:

~Morgan Nightstalker

Morgan Nightstalker said...

I just started a site called The Life of a Necromancer. It does have a forum (it's a wizard101 forum) too, but the blog (Thoughts from a Necromancer) is what I'm focusing on. Here's a link to the blog part:

The actual hompage is this link:

~Morgan Nightstalker

Maffled said...

Hi Friendly, I'm quite new to the game and just made a blog. Could you add it to the BlogRoll please?


Alexandra Stormrider said...

Hi Friendly!
I'm Alexandra Stormrider, and I have a blog called The Divination Diaries. I'm not exactly completely unknown, but could you add me to your list please? It's http://alexandrastormrider.blogspot.com


Shadow said...

Hey Friendly!!!
I sent my blog to W101 even if it is on blogspot. But i may have some luck like the Comedy life wizards (Sry forgot how to spell it) Ok well here is my blog!

eddy458 said...

http://wwwwizard101-eddy458.blogspot.com/ os my site please please

Anonymous said...


put me on the bloggers club! also, join the explorer team!

Andrew Firerider said...

My blog is very new, and I will soon be shortening the name. When I do, I will tell you so you can switch it.

I hope you like it!

Andrew Firerider said...

I don't mind, but since you added my comment, I was wondering why you didn't add my website to the blogging club. It's all right if you don't like it. I just wanted to know why.

stingite said...

I'm having troubles adding a few of the newer "websites" to my blogroll because there doesn't seem to be a valid RSS feed coming off of them (balance at its best, life of a necromancer, and local wizard). The end result is that those sites sit at the bottom of the list. Those that are building their own websites might want to discover how to make RSS feeds for their sites: http://searchenginewatch.com/2175271 or google may find something better for you.

Andrew Firerider said...

I may eventually create an RSS feed. However, you don't need one to navigate your way around the Local Wizard.
Take a look on the left, where the text is on a parchment background. If you keep scrolling, you will see links to my latest entries. You can right click any of these links, click "copy shortcut", then paste it into a new window/browswer so you can see the full link, and then paste it to your blogging club.
I hope that helps you!

stingite said...

@Andrew: Unfortunately, that's not how this particular widget works. If you want to show up in the list like the other sites, I'll need an RSS feed.

Andrew Firerider said...

OK, I'll try to get one soon. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience.

Andrew Firerider said...

OK, I added an RSS feed button to my website. It's on the left side (text with parchment background), all the way on the bottom (where it says how many people are online, how many people visited...). I hope that works.
Sorry, I'm very new to RSS feeds!

stingite said...

@Andrew: perfect!

Andrew Firerider said...

Woohoo! That's awesome!
So glad it worked!
Can you offer me some feedback about my fansite through the feedback section on my fansite? Criticism is good, so don't be scared! But this is optional.

Thanks so much! I'm glad it works!

Andrew Firerider said...

I have added a few more RSS feeds to my website, but they didn't show up in your blogging list. Why is this? Is there a certain amount of time it takes to appear? I made these RSS feeds a few hours ago.

John Lifeglen said...

I just started my blog but would love to get on the blogroll!


Wolf Deathbreaker said...

Well i dont see how i can stand out from these other blogs but well here's my blog http://thewhitenecromancer.blogspot.com/

Michael HawkWalker said...

Hi Friendly,
I have a site called Wizard101 talk. Link: .

Andrew Firerider said...

I shortened the name of my blog to just http://thelocalwizard.com

Don't worry! I already changed the link in the RSS feed. I just wanted to notify you.

Paige MoonShade said...

Friendy look ;) I got a domain
can you change the url for me ?
Thank you so very much

The Nice Ice Wizard said...

Hey Friendly! Click on my name and you can put my blog on there! Thanks!!!

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Friendly, I shortened the name on my blog, so the URL changed. Could you please change mine on your blog roll to:



Jacob Thundersword said...

My blog: The Necromancer's Cry


Arlen Dawneyes said...

Just left a notice - Arlen Dawneyes on diaryofawizard, I just made a blogger account The two headed wizard here's the link:

Destiny said...

May I be part of the club? My blog is http://hiddenpolice101.blogspot.com/

The Powerfull Sorcerer said...

I have just started a blog called the powerfull sorcerer at http://thepowerfullsorcerer.blogspot.com

Isaac Mistheart said...

Isaac Mistheart here

Deathshard said...

I have a Wizard101Central blog, my name there is Deathshard.

Cassie said...

A Life of Fire :) http://alifeoffire.blogspot.com/

Johnny said...

Ravenwood Library!
Johnny Nguyen

Victoria Spiritblossom said...

I have a blog it's called "The Smart Allec Wizard". Here's the link: http://smartallecwizard.blogspot.com/
Sorry I'm just now finding this post!

PyromancerJonathan said...

I Have a Wizard101 blog.


Please add it! :)


The Active Necromancer said...

Hey Friendly, I have decided to start a blog too please add me to the list.


Johnny said...

Title: Ravenwood Library (LiveJournal)
Service: LiveJournal
Link: http://dustinsw.livejournal.com/

Mary Dreamshade said...

Lionblood! Here is my blog! www.pielovingnecromancer.blogspot.com

Benjamin Fairydust said...

Hey Friendly, awesome blog you're running here. In the spirit of friendly competition, I've started my own blog, The Spirit Keep. And I would like to join your Blogger's Club.
P.S. In the spirit of free publicity, I wouldn't mind a mention on your next post in the fine print or as a sidenote or even as an entire post if you're feeling generous. Anything that'd send a little viewer traffic my way. Thanks...
P.S.S. I'm the same Benjamin Fairydust that sent you the TCG dice advice(Nice, I rhymed), in case you were wondering.

The Evil Theurgists said...

Hey it's Evil here, Could you please move my blog of the Archives and onto the Active blog area, thanks!

theproudpyromancer said...

the proud pyromancer is my wizard101 blog

Jordan Legendstalker said...

I just started mine!


Spiritual Sorcerers said...


You are the best and it would be an honor to be in your "club".

Vanessa EmeraldGlade lvl 50 diviner said...

plz add me lolz just started blog


The Time Pyromancer said...

Please add me! I just started my own blog like a lot of the people here too.

the site is http://thetimepyromancer.blogspot.com/

The Time Pyromancer said...

hey! I just started my own blog and would really like to join your club!
heres the name:

Deni said...

my blog is called maniac magic
here's the link for it!!! http://myrnamalorn.blogspot.com/

JessicaGreenRiver said...

Can you please add mine to the bloggy roll?


Thanks in advance!

Cassandra DragonHeart said...

Another blog for the list :D


Anonymous said...

Um I don't have a blog but, I want to supply you with rare screen shots of the hybrid pets I see. But it's no ordinary collection of pictures of a few hybrids, I'm talking like 40-60 or more. But I'm not sure how you can reach me if you do decide to let me work for ya. I am proud leader of a clan. And about contacting me my name is William Lotus-Haven I am level 48 usually carrying a skeletal warrior you know the one Victor drops, and I were grizzleheim gear, lastly I have Avalances' ledgendary cutlass. Please I want my collection to be seen. I literally have like 60 maybe more hybrid screen shots.
Please contact me, I have great houses to show you.
-William Lotus-Haven

Snowflake960 said...

can you add my blog?
i just started it!
Wizard101 Daily




stingite said...

Ok, think I've got the blogger club list up to today! Thanks!

Lost said...

Had to search your blog just to find this thread so that I wouldn't post a new comment, randomly on a newer post. Myself and My best mate have a blog that we've made and we would love it if you took a look.


Also, is there an official bloggers of Wizard101 site type place we could join? Would love to interact with more players/bloggers of this great game!

~Jenna the Diviner~ said...

Ooh! Could you add mine? Its Wonderings of a Diviner. Or www.wonderingsofdiviner.blogspot.com.

Jessica said...

Hello I'm Jessica and I recently started playing W101 again. I was wondering if I may be on your blog club list? I just made my blog and kind of need some friends or blog friends sort of speak. I really like your blog a lot too by the way. :D

Jacob Soulblood/Evil Theurgist said...

Hey Friendly. It's the Evil Theurgist Here.

My website is at:


Thanks for the inspiration.

Ghostmancer said...

I have two blogs:
Can you add me to the blogroll?

www.wiztips101.webs.com said...

hey, im logan shadowblade, i have a cool website and i have been updating it, but i need some trafic. what is the point of updating if nobody ever sees it? the address is www.wiztips101.webs.com. thanks.

thomas deathgem said...

Please add me to the blogroll
The blog is AWESOME

British Theurgist said...

Hi Friendly, It's Cassandra Lifecaster.

Please can you add my new blog:


The GrandMaster of Storm said...

Master Of Life

URL: http://healmaster.blogspot.com/

I'm a new blogger but have gone on your website TONS of times for help.

Plz add me!

Abby☆Star said...

Ooh! Please add mine and my friend Randi's! www.starsisters101.blogspot.com!! Ty Friendly, you rock!!!!!!

first said huh then said wha? said...

Heya! me again i signing up for my friend... she didnt no how.
here the stuff
call her the awesome ice
also i signing up for my other blog

Sincerely,JasmineSwiftBane said...

please add me i just startded
lol i would like to be on your bloggers poll thx! my blog is

plz add me thx!

Liam said...


Thats mine ;P

PyromancerJonathan said...

Mine is pyromancerjonathan.blogspot.com :)

Elizabeth SeaCloud said...

Hey... remember me Elizabeth Seacloud aka efbfroggy... on you friends list I won you one million viewers contest! anyway you and serveral other bloggers have inspired me to start a blog... its called myth has might. the link is

The Wizard Farmer said...

Please add me to your blogroll. I also really enjoy your site. Thank you!! :)


The Wizard Farmer said...


Thank You!!

P.S. The other comments are the wrong link

Chase EarthBlade said...

Hey Friendly, I am completely dedicated to my blog "The Journal,"
But I am having some trouble getting the world to see it, can you help me out? Go ahead and contact me on the contact forum, on my page: wizardsofthespiral.blogspot.com

The Storm Lord said...

Hey Friendly,

Can you please put me on your Blogroll?
Please follow me too.


The Frost Giant said...

Hi Friendly,

You have A awesome wizard101 blog! I would like to know if you would add me to your blogroll?

Thank You! :)


Chris StormShard said...

Hello Friendly! I am a big fan of your blog and was inspired by you to make my own blog. My blog is about Wizard101 -obvious-. Lol i hope i make it into your club!

My URL is: http://w101fansareawesome.blogspot.com/

The Sorcerer said...

Hey friendly,
my blog is called therugbugger.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hey Friendly,

I own a wordpress wizard101 blog and would like to know if you can put me on your blogroll and be sure to rename me "Fire Wizards Rule!" without quotes. Thanks!


Stephanie F. said...

Hey Can you add mine? :)



Kyle Firesword said...

Hey Friendly,

I was not active for a while, but then started blogging again. My blog is currently in the archrived blogs so can you please move it back up to the current blogs?
Here is the link:


Thank you Kyle Firesword

Kyle FireGem said...

Hi Friendly,

I think you saw me The owner of fireizardsrule.com/. I wrote to rename it Fire Wizards Rule! But I want you to add me and rename it The Lord Of Fire. Also, I am the previous owner of The Frost Giant. I tested out the site on my blogroll and it works!

Sorry for leaving a long message!

Thank You!

P.S. Your site is AWESOME!

Aaron Starheart said...

Hey friendly-
Just wanted to see if you could add my blog " http://epicthaumaturge.blogspot.com/ " to your club please and thanks

Drakkis Dragonia said...

I would Like to be put on your blog roll please! Rogue Sorcerer!

Elijah Light Thief said...

I would like you to add me to your blog roll please my blog is: http://wizardlydiaries.blogspot.com/

Xinaed said...

Stormy Skies has a new url- http://www.xstormyskiesz.com/ please update it on your list? Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

hey friendly i recently made a new blog and i think it is good enough for your famous blogroll
it might be hard to find but it is at http://yourfavoriteprymancer.wordpress.com

Cassandra said...

The Thaumaturge's Hangout!! It's new and i would like to have people read it as soon as possible.

I dont mean to dis all the other schools out there but Ice is the best! (sorry friendly) :P


Charles Nightstirder said...

Hi! I have recently created a new blog that i would like you to add. thnx!!! http://nightstridersnews.blogspot.com/

Destiny Soultamer said...

I just started this blog and it's not as great as I want it, but I expect better things as I blog more.
And, my friend is venting about having only one follower (me) and this would mean the spiral to her.

Swordroll said...

I'd love to join the blogger's club! (swordroll.blogspot.com)

Shelby Spiritblood said...

Can you please add mine? C: I recently started it and so far, I have no readers >_>

Mackenzie BearTalon said...

Hey Friendly! The Bold Thaumaturge!

:D Thanks! I'd love to be in your blogger's club!!

Malorn Ghostrider said...

Hey Friendly! I started a new blog with a few other people, called Housing101 (wiz101housing.blogspot.com). I'd love it if you could add it to the bloggers club!

Ty said...

Hey! I have a blog that I just started called The Ever-Changing Spiral, and I'd love for you to put it on your blog list. If not then that's ok. Have a good day! :D

Garrett said...

My blog has been discovered by like, nobody. It is called The Sorceror's Journal and the url is

Michael Hawk said...

i have a blog i have just started up if you could add it to your list please!


Talon said...

This site is not complete yet!

Xinaed said...

If you could update the URL to Stormy Skies blog please to http://blog.xstormyskiesz.com it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

DeathyWiz said...

Hey Friendly if you would mind adding my blog to your blog list I would really appericate it. My blog is http://deathywiz.blogspot.com/


~Keep It Dead

Rachel Ghostheart said...

Hello I have a wizard related blog,

Anonymous said...

wizard101notebook.webs.com this is my unfinished site!!

Justin Shadowblade said...

Hey Friendly, thanks for adding my blog, but can you change my name from Jenny's Party to DeathyWiz.


~Keep It Dead

Collin said...

My blog is called The Marvelous Adventures of a Gamer.


Muchly Appreciated!

Ian said...

I have No clue if you check this anymore, But Id love to be on your list! www.wizardsunite.webs.com
-Ian StormStaff

Anonymous said...

My new blog is called A Wizard's World! It's at http://awizardsworld.blogspot.com

The little pip said...

theninijanecromancer.blogspot.com that's me blog I am level 31 :)

Rowan WindFlower said...

Hey, there, Friendly Necromancer. I'd like to join your blog club. I have a fairly new blog, Little Wizard, http://rowanwindflower.blogspot.com/

James said...

The Graveyard Student


masonswiftblade said...

Greetings friendly!

Name of blog: The Life of a Wizard
Link: masonswiftblade.wordpress.com

Benjamin Shadowvault said...

Please add my blog. It is still gaining posts from me but it is all ready to go. (just a little thin)


Title: The Shadowvault Files

Benjamin Shadowvault said...

Hi there! You already added my blog to your list but I recently changed the title so that the "V" in Shadowvault is capitalized. So it is now:

The ShadowVault Files

Kyle Wildgiver said...

My blog is livingaslifew101.blogspot.com ...a blog incorporating not only tales of personal adventures throughout the spiral, but also video tutorials on how to explore the many features of KIfreegames/Wizard101.

Michael Hawk said...

Hey, could you please add my blog...

Ian said...

Gasp! It seems my link was removed! If it was an accident....Don't worry becasue our URL changed. were now wizardsunite.com! Thanks Friendly!

Stingite said...

@Ian: Hey! For some reason I can't get your blog's Feed to show up, so I had to pull it off to a separate list with three others whose sites are in a similiar situation. If you do a Ctrl+F, you'll find your site on my list. I would love to add it to the actual blogroll, but to do that you may have to research how to publish your feed or create your blog's RSS feed for your website. E-mail me if you want to talk more about it.

Wizard101 Well-Versed Wizards said...

We are trying out a blog to help people. Its a wizard101 related fan site in the works.

Sean Dragonhammer said...

Hey Friendly!
I have a wizard101 blog.
It's called-

Thank you Friendly!
I'll see you in the Spiral.

The Fabulous K said...

Hello Friendly, I hope it would be possible for you to add my StarsoftheSpiral blog. It is at StarsoftheSpiral.blogspot.com .. Thank you so much! Have a wonderful week! - Kelsey Fireheart, StarsoftheSpiral.com

Evan said...

My blog about wizard101 is called "The Master Pyromancer" and i have only had 3 people other than myself view it! And 2 of the people are people who are friends with me and I told them about it! All I want it to be is a casual blog were wizards talk about things in the game. Please add it to your list and tell people to view it. The URL is themasterpyromancer.blogspot.com

Pirate of the Seven Skies said...

This is a Pirate101 blog:
Pirate101 Adventures


Pirate101 Adventures is a blog where I blog about my Pirate101 Adventures, make Pirate101 personality quizzes, upload Pirate101 Videos, and even host Pirate101 Contests for my blog viewers.

Thanks Friendly!

Chelsea Seahaven said...

That's my blog. Thank you!

Chelsea Seahaven :)

Mason Swiftblade said...

Name: The Life of a Pirate
About: Pirate101
Link: thelifeofapirate.wordpress.com


WIZARD375 said...

Blog:Wizard101 Adventures

Calamity Skullblood said...


The SkullBlood House

Johnny said...

Hey Friendly. :)
Heres a blog I started for Pirate101-


A Deadly Gamer said...

Hey friendly! I had a link for my blog on here, and I guess you removed it or it got removed when I changed my URL to have a custom domain name. But my link is http://adeadlypirate.com, and I hope you add it back to your blogroll. Thanks!

Dustin Firegem said...

Hey there Friendly!

I'd be grateful if you checked out my blog!

Thanks! See ya around the Spiral!

DeathyWiz said...

Hey Friendly, I doubt you still check this with being busy as the Pirate101 Community Manager and all. But if you are can you please add Spiral Live to your blog list?


Thanks a bunch and ALWAYS,

~Keep It Dead

Mr. Solodolo said...

New Pirate101 Blog (well, not new in general lol)

Kyle Firesword said...

Hello Friendly! If you don't mind could you add my blog to your blogroll? Thank you! :) I really appreciate it http://swashbucklerkyle.blogspot.com/

Jackie Unicornsinger said...

Hey Friendly! Here is my new blog! It is called "The Spiral's Secrets". The link is


Thanks a Lot! :)

Frost Caller said...

I would love to be part of the club! :)

The Hilarious Thaumaturge said...

Hey Friendly. You may know me as "the Hilarious Thaumaturge" but my blog has moved to:
goonsblog.wordpress.com Could you please add that to your blog roll? Thanks!

Anonymous said...


A forum site to show weird bugs that pop up here and there on the game.

Blaze Titanfist said...

So far, i've been a blogger for about a week with my best friend, here's our link: http://wizard101blogging.blogspot.com/

Hope you like it!

Austin Swifthorn said...

Hey Friendly!

It's great that you do this for those who need the extra help for discovery, such as myself.

Here's my totally Wizard101/Pirate101 dedicated blog:
The Singed Cover

Thanks a bunch!
Austin Swifthorn

TugaPirate said...

Hey friendly, how are ye? Just wanted to ask if you could add my blog, I will add yours :)

Pirate101 Mania


codydeathhammer said...

Check out my awesome website. http://aroundthespiralblogspot.bravesites.com/

Heba Urabi said...

My website is http://thespirallords.blogspot.com

Heba Urabi said...


Mason Swiftblade said...

Mason's Journal

The adventure of the spiral said...

Me :) www.adventuresofthespiral.blogspot.com

Ian said...

It's been over a year since I posted my link on here the first time and I'm proud to say i finally found my RSS feed! (I know... Slow worker here...) http://www.wizardsunite.com/apps/blog/entries/feed/rss

Vanessa said...

Hello friendly. I gave you a link to put my Wizard101 blog on your blogroll a Couple years ago (and you did, thank you!). Now I have a pirate101 blog which I linked to my wizard101 blog but I believe people would discover my pirate101 blog a whole lot easier if it were also on your blogroll. If you can you that for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! http://thearmadasdoubleagent.blogspot.com/

Alexander Lionheart said...


Wizardly Soloist Blog!

Vigilant Seraph said...

Hi. you've got great blog! I just started 2 new ones, both are based on KI games, they are family friendly and I credit all work that is not my own.
I'd love it if you would add me. Please and thank you.
Vigilant Seraph
The Knights Who Say Ni

Cody DeathHammer said...

Journey in to Spiral http://journeyintothespiral.forumotion.com/

Emma Starblood said...

Paint the Spiral: exclusively Wizard101 and Pirate101 fan art. :)


Nexus said...

An extremely fun blog, with a small entertainment centre, wizard101 game updates, how to guides, and much more!! Please visit and follow, The Titanic Trident at


Lieutenant Fianca said...


Not a first-timer blogger.
I enjoy playing Pirate101 and also Wizard101.
I felt the joy in the game so I make a blog about my journey around the spiral and I wish that one day I could be a part of KingIsle fansite ;)

P.S Your blog have everything! I like the info ye gave.

Anonymous said...

Blake Dragonblade: I have a new blog called the The Brothers Balance at thebrothersbalance.blogspot.com that I run with my brother. If you could please add this to your "club", I would be most enthralled. You might know me as Connor M., my other account that I once used to email those "Tempest of Questions" about Celestia...good times :D I DID get that pet from Icepick.

Blake/Connor M.

Darktiger301 said...

Just made it with my friend, check it out please!

Tabitha said...


Our Blog has been going for a coupl eof months now. Would love to be added to the list :)

Robert EmeraldPyre said...

Hello there!

I just made a new blog, and I would like it to be part of your club.


Thank you so much!

Colin Skullthief said...

Hey Friendly! I dunno if your still doing this but might as well try! From the Rift to the Spiral

Anonymous said...

It's probably about time to add Adventures of the Spiral. ;) http://www.adventuresofthespiral.com/

Cheyenne Caster said...

Hi friendly!

My blog is Nordic Champion
Here's the link: http://nordicchampion.blogspot.com/

Hope to see it on your blogroll! Thanks for the opportunity!
-Nordic Champion

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