Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Down Time Messages

These just came across the wire for you

Wizard101 Test Realm Downtime

Beginning at 9am Central US time on April 30th, the Wizard101 Test Realm will be offline for approximately four hours. During this downtime players will not be able to log in to the Test Realm, and are invited to continue to enjoy playing Wizard101 on the Live Realm.

Players will experience a loss of items and experience in the Test Realm after this downtime. This does not affect your characters in the Live Realm in any way.


Wizard101 Live Realm Downtime during Regular Maintenance Window

On April 30th, Wizard101 the game will be offline during our regular maintenance window of 3am to 4am Central US time. During this downtime, players will be unable to log in to the Live Wizard101 game, and players who are in the game will be prompted to log out.

During this downtime, the billing section of the website may also experience brief interruptions in service.

So if I had put a lot of work into making a cool house with tons of decorations, now would be the time to photograph it so I could remember how to put it back together again someday. Fortunately all I did was throw a brain jar on the ground with a couple of other things . . . as you all know.

Happy Dueling!


Jesse said...

I found a bug with housing, and I was wondering if you could replicate it. Basically, when switching between houses items from the unequipped house don't always go into the attic. When you go back to the unequipped house these items are also stuck, not allowing you to pick them up or move them. I've submitted a bug report, and the more reports they get about problems the better. I love the blog, its nice to find a good blogger writing about one of my favorite games.

stingite said...

Thanks, Jesse. And consider the bug replicated. I also experienced this with the unicorn statue . . . it went into storage and got stuck just as you noted. I had to delete it, make room in my bags, and farm it all over again. Hopefully it will be fixed with this patch! We'll have to see.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

guess who's going to 7-11? yup! me!!
The bra....... cards fer me!