Monday, April 27, 2009

The New Dream Team is Getting Together!

I've talked about The Evil Twin and Isiah Taleslinger before, but I just wanted to update you on their progress. Wizard City happens so fast and with such ferocity that it's hard to keep a good pace when two-boxing until you hit Firecat alley where the kill 6 quests start to really manifest. At that point it becomes a huge benefit to be killing in a group of two or more to speed things up.

It also helps The Evil Twin out a lot since most of the boss mobs in Wizard City appear to have their resistances to death magic boosted from the last time I ventured through. But, on a little guy like Alicane Swiftarrow, death magic still rocks the house.

Isiah and The Evil Twin are just about ready to hit Lord Nightshade and progress on to Krokotopia. I think I may skip Colossus Boulevard this time around and come back to it later.

btw, side note, I am playing these two on the live realm, but I've noticed on the test realm that they've boosted the speed on the casting animation of a lot of spells. Anyone else noticed that? The life imp spell is definitely a lot faster.

Happy Dueling!


Isaiah Spelldust said...

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~Isaiah Spelldust

Anonymous said...

What do you mean 'boosted the casting animations'?

stingite said...

oops. Boosted the "speed" of the casting animations. Modifying post now... Thanks anon!