Friday, April 17, 2009

Calamity Where are you Pants?

Well, we all showed up in Pixie Area 1 of Triton Avenue as requested.

ONE PROBLEM. No Calamity. Apparently we filled the realm full to the gills and even Calamity couldn't get in to the area. Some people even waited a full two hours or more to meet her. whoops. It was like trying to meet a band at a local CD shop and the business owners not knowing what they were in for.

I asked Professor Greyrose about the situation and she basically told me that this was a pilot test for Calamity. Basically she ran out of cards on a different area of triton avenue than the one advertised (Since she couldn't get in) and managed to break her friends list and trade function while she was at it.

So, patience. patience. I'm sure Calamity will show again.

It was rumored that the rare card was merely an Orthrus treasure card. /shrug

I shall never know, but what I do know is that I added a lot of cool people from Wizard101 Central to my friends list while I was hanging out there.

Thanks for the fun, all!

Happy Dueling!


Michael said...

Not to be mean or anything, but the name Calamity Boompants sounds kind of weird. What goes boom in your pants? Ugh...

Shy said...

That was a fun, hectic gathering today lol. It was fun watching you run around and around and having to explain to people what you were doing. Trust me I got a LOT of "Why is that guy Thomas running around yelling he's filming?" or my favorite "WHY IS THAT DUDE WITH HAIR RUNNING LIKE A MAD WOMAN?" heh. what can I say...

Gotta Luv You Thomas hehe

Anonymous said...

I ended up in area 2 by accident when 1 wouldn't let me in, and lucked into a 7-pip Scarecrow treasure card.

Anonymous said...

do you alwas do randome stuff? well I'm one to talk!! What were you talking about any way??????
(Alyssa Silverheart level 11 storm student)