Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Housing Information from GamersInfo.net

I was hunting around a bit for information and came across this article from GamersInfo.net about player housing.

I smell GDC information on this one, but I'm not 100% sure.

This was the paragraph that seemed to have just a touch of unique information from the other player housing articles I've read:

"Place your items wherever you like; there are no hooks to restrict placement. Have too much stuff but don’t want to get rid of it? Just stick it in the attic. Love your Marleybone Island but really want one in Moo Shu? You can purchase as many as your pocketbook can manage, but only one can be active at a time. Open your home to friends or keep it closed and decorate in private. It is your home after all."

The key word here being "no hooks." This may not mean something to someone who hasn't played an MMO with housing before, but to me this screams of awesomeness. Let's take player housing in LOTRO for example. When I was playing LOTRO, I bought a simple house that was very modest. You walked in and there was a front entry room, a staircase, and one room upstairs . . . and that's it. Within that house were maybe 4 or 5 large wall hooks and 4 or 5 small wall hooks. There were also a few floor hooks. So, when you went into this style of house, everyone had their pictures in the same places. /yawn. If there truly are no hooks in player housing as this says, then WOW. This will beat LOTRO housing options hands down.

I can't wait to see what it's like.

Happy Dueling!


Shy said...

This sounds really cool (and expensive). Wonder how much they will cost (I believe they will cost something?)

stingite said...

No idea. I guess we will have to wait and see when the next test server is released.

Matt said...

Sounds like they are taking a queue from the EQ2 housing system. You can put an item on any appropriate (wall vs. floor) flat surface, without any preordained spaces where they should go. I'm really looking forward to this too!

Tipa said...

I am sitting at max gold, so much so that I have to pass loot down to alts to sell. Why? Because day 1, I am buying the biggest, best house I can.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

i hope it's not TOO expensive! :)

p.s: part 5 is coming soon!

~Isaiah Spelldust