Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lack of updates the past couple of days

Sorry all, I've been lacking in updates, but I have a good reason.

It is because I said . . . NO MAS!

Except mine wasn't about being a chihuahua. It was about hair drying my monitor.


So I went a little crazy with the credit card, but my work actually offers this really cool deal where you buy a computer and then spread out the payments over a year interest free. So I ended up buying this orange and black magic of gaming awesomeness machine.

Sure, I could have built it myself (I did that with the last two machines I've owned), but what I was going for here was a number of things. 1) quietness. This machine is nice and silent. I like that. 2) not a bad price yet upgrading my rig. 3) I don't have to call in any favors when I screw up installing the SATA hard drives.

Apparently I bought at the right time and saved myself around 300 bucks.

I also purchased two monitors. One is a small 18.5 inch wide screen for the now second computer, which will be used exclusively for music production. The other is a little bit larger 23 inch wide screen, which will be for GAMING! WOOT!

I've been busying reloading programs and archiving stuff and . . . you know, all that good stuff that goes along with getting a new rig.

Happy Dueling.


Isaiah Spelldust said...

Hola. Me prefiere tus computadora en mi casa! Lol hope you can read spanish!

~Isaiah Spelldust

stingite said...

haha. Wish I had the money to buy all my readers a computer, but . . . NO MAS DINERO!



Michael said...

Yeah... Betraying us like that, making your faithful readers have no trust in you... WHY FRIENDLY? Lol, kidding. I have another question. I'm not a noob, yet I don't know why I ask you so many things. This one concerns your orthrus pet. How the heck did you get it? It is so awesome looking, and I want one so bad. I know that it's probably because you got it at some convention or something, but I'm hoping for a boss drop answer, yet I doubt that's what it is. Thanks!


stingite said...


Well go read this post I made that talks about it:

pretty soon all myth casters will have an orthrus pet with their level 48 spell.

Michael said...

Lucky you. Too bad I can't just call kingsile and say, Cough it up! like you did. Lol. I'm hoping we myth dudes get something cool like that. I just don't want the orthrus to be the pet we get for our level 48 spell quest. Then it wouldn't be fair. You would have a wraith pet, AND an orthrus, while I would only get the orthrus. Then again, hoping. Thanks for the help.

Jesse said...


I recently assembled my own system.

Jesse said...

I don't think my link worked there.