Sunday, April 19, 2009

Turtles are fun!

Turtles are SUPER FUN! And you all want to know everything there is to know about turtles, don't you? No? Well try a few of these turtles on for size.

Rolling Turtle

Turtle Shot

Turtle Pool

Hey, I know! Post your high scores below while you continue to muse to yourself, "What is it about turtles lately anyway?"

It's easy to see what turtle is Tipa's favorite turtle over at her blog West Karana.

Bowser is another famous turtle, right? Well, I guess technically he's a koopa. But some think a koopa and a turtle are the same thing. I'm not sure, but the last time I checked, not many turtles were growing wings or throwing their shells at me. Maybe I haven't been as observant as I should be at the zoo?

Either way, I also have this wonderful video for you to watch. Jellyfish definitely classifies Bowswer as not only an oil tycoon, but also I distinctly hear them say "turtle" in this song:

And last but not least, who could forget these guys?

Have you hugged a turtle today?

Happy Dueling!


Tipa said...


Quinn Hexthief said...

Wow! Nice Post, (Gotta love turtles!) and nice new banner! :D

Isaiah Spelldust said...

dude! Nice banne i love it!please tell me how to do that! That would make my site look better lol!

Also here is part 5 of my story!

The Awakening Part 5 By Isaiah Spelldust Chapter Seven: The Battle of Al' Habeen Back in Kahibi's Palace, Baxter is about to fight Al' Habeen.... Baxter pulls out his Scabbard, Al ' Habeen has his staff tighly gripped in his claws. "You wont be going any further." Al' Habeen promises. "That's what you think." Baxter draws out a Cyclops, and knocks Al' Habeen out of focus. In return, Al' Habeen takes out a Hydra and catches Baxter off guard. He steps back and re-paces himself. Baxter uses a quick pixie spell, recuperates, and does a fire dragon. Al' Habeen falls to the ground, stricken and paralyzed. "You'll..... never...." Al' Habeen stammers. "Ugh......" He falls down, turning into ashes as death consumes him. Baxter falls back with relief. 'I need to be more attentive.' Baxter says in his mind while taking a big sigh and continuing his journey up a spiral staircase. He reached a small room. With scrolls and shelves lined up on every wall. There were no doors or stairs, just scrolls and walls. He scratched his head. CLICK A noise coming from one of the shelves of scrolls. The shelf opened, and a little purple Mander popped out. It was Kirshen, and he had the command that Kahibi had given him. He looked up, but before he could even gasp, Baxter took a rather large scroll and wrapped it around Kirshen. Muffles came from inside the wide parchment that was engulfing his Mander face. "Wh..o...." Is all he managed to get out of it, then fell to the ground.A free hand popped out as he fell and dropped Kahibi's command. Baxter picked it up and read it. It sounded important, thought, so he stuck it inside one of his pouches for safekeeping. The secret scroll door was still cracked open, and Baxter scurried through, hoping that it wouldn't slam on him. The door led to another spiral staircase, which seemed to last forever. Finally he reached the top of the staircase. Out of breath and exhausted from the fight, Baxter sat down to take a break. Until he looked up. As he thought, he realized that he a stumbled into Kahibi's Throne Room. It was large of course, and lined with gold anf torches. As soon as he noticed the room, he noticed Kahibi's wand smack him and knock him out. All went black, and Baxter was soon to be in grave danger..... To be continued....

stingite said...

Turtle Shot record so far = 1751

Thanks for the comments on the banner! I've been needing an update for a while.

@Isaiah: epic battles, secret doors, treasure troves! I love it! Keep it up.

stingite said...

Turtle pool = 362

Jester said...

Awesome banner. Your comment about a turtle pool=362 is confusing.

stingite said...

oh! Sorry, yeah, I was just listing my score on turtle pool (one of those three games at the beginning of the post).

Good to see you on the site, Jester!

Isaiah Spelldust said...

ok one more thing, um maybe too:

1) Can you please show me how to change the banner like that or something, i really need to attract more viewers.

2)Are you ever gonna put my story series on here, or wait until i have finished it?(maybe waiting until i have finished it, but just to be sure if you are :D)

~Isaiah Spelldust

stingite said...


1) When you go to customize your blog, click on the edit button for your header. There's a spot to upload a picture. You'll need a decent graphics program to make your logo. Something along the lines of photoshop or even microsoft image composer if you can get your hands on an old copy. Then go look on Blogspot for tutorials and help for modifying the template look.

2) Have you had your stories published on the Wizard 101 main web site? I'd do that first. I've never really "published" a guest's work here, but it is possible we could work something out. :-) Yeah, I'd want to wait until you had the whole thing finished. But, yes, do the Wizard 101 main web page first.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

hey thnx for the advice. and i already had my stories on the website... check and find out!

Tipa said...

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