Friday, April 17, 2009

PvP Tournaments

Wizard101 Central has been hosting pvp tournaments for a little bit now, and they have a solid system for keeping you hopping. Yesterday was my first shot at one of these tournaments. Or I guess I should say, yesterday was my first flop at one of these tournaments.

Donna Pixiesong, a fellow savior of the spiral, as the screenshot shows, soundly kicked my butt, which I also feature in the screenshot.

Also in the screenshot, I'm saying "can't wait to hear about it." What am I so excited to hear? I'm excited to hear about Donna's other fights! She had three of them lined up, all through tournaments from Wizard 101 Central apparently, and she was supposed to go on and face another reader of this blog, Outrageous Autumn! (You'll have to be logged in to see Autumn's profile)

Autumn has just been lurking here and not commenting yet. But I have high hopes she'll come say hi especially since this blog post is about her cup o' tea. She's one of the two PVP Tournament Masters at Wizard 101 Central. She contacted me personally back channel and invited me to join this tournament! That's OUTRAGOUS, Autumn! :-)

NO, seriously, you can tell Autumn and Alex Jaderider put a lot of work into making these fights happen and they do so with a lot of love. Love for kicking people's butts, and love for bringing people together for butt kickings. They are a bit like this guy:

Ok, they're not anything like that guy. These are FRIENDLY DUELS . . . with cards and cute monsters, well, except for that orthrus that chomped on me.

OH! So how was my fight *shakes head* I mean duel? Well, my duel with Donna kind of went down like this. Donna started off her rounds early by putting up shields, I responded with some poison to take them out. Then I got hit with a boosted orthrus. That hurt. More shields were played. I tried to respond again with poison, but it fizzled and the card got buried and the other 2 I had loaded never surfaced in time because another orthrus showed its two heads and took out my only myth shield I had up with the first head . . . and then the second head had lunch. I salted myself beforehand. DELICIOUS! Salty Necromancer on a stick.

So, you want to join these duels now so you can have Salty Necromancer on a Stick? Awesome! I'm gonna give you the way you get your foot in the door. Just click on the PvP tab at Wizard 101 Central and then just follow the links. All the information you want is right in that location.

Happy Dueling!


Shy said...

I think I might join one of these tournaments. Autumn seems to have put a lot of work into them and best of all, nothing like the rude PvP we all know! I've watched some of these battles and they look like fun. So now, if I can understand how to join, I just might "P

Cheats and Crackers said...

Question. Since you're death friendly, I think you may know about this. Near nightshade's tower there is this gate with a skull on the front of it. Do you know what that means? If you do, thanks. :)

Shy said...

@Cheats and Crackers: Good Question. I've only been there one time when I met my wraith buddy. Other than that, I haven't gone there. It would be cool if that's like a cave you explore or something lol

Stingite said...

What shy said. Death Wizards have a quest that takes them up to that area to receive a spell, and then that's about it. I think it's supposed to be like a side entrance for Lord Nightshade that only he uses, but I'm not quite sure.

Cheats and Crackers said...

Ok. Cool! Thanks for the info, both of you. :)

Alex Jaderider said...

You should all definately check out the tournaments we have at central. Especially with some friendly rules such as no chain stunning, which I know we all hate. :)