Sunday, April 5, 2009

Seven pip card video

Special thanks to 1Sonicboom over at Wizard101 Central for this awesome video.

That's all of them except for power nova.

Nicely done.


Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

I saw you on.
for 2 seconds

Michael said...

Woah! That is the best video I have EVER SEEN! For one thing, the quality is perfect, and they didn't put stupid rock or rap music on the whole way through, so you could actually hear the attacks. And as for comments on this one, 37000 damage on storm lord? DANG!!!!!!!!!! That must have taken BIG TIME to buff up. Awesome video!

Jester said...

Non members have no access to member profile pages, so your link won't work for many. Why not link to the video? :)

stingite said...

@Sean: yeah, I thought my sunday night crew was playing w101 tonight and then they switched on me and said Guild Wars.

@Michael: yeah that 37000 hit was awesome.

@Jester: It's all a secret ploy to get people to sign up to your website. ;-)

Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

I am determined to stay up till your post! I will! (about 4:00 my time)

L. R. Jonté said...

The storm damage. Dear God, the storm damage.

That was beautiful!

But... but why is Orthrus just a one-hit spell? *sniff*

PS, I play GW too, though i haven't been on in ages.

Cheyenne DarkWhisper said...

Haha, I'm in one of those clips. Thanks for posting Thomas

Cheats and Crackers said...

And with this video, I keep on coming back to it and watching all those cool spells just because of how awesome they look. P.S. All in all, I think I like the frost giant best out of all of them based on coolness. The way he grunts and slams them is awesome. I love it. :) Oh, and when you see cheats and crackers, that's me, Michael, just using my blog name. :)