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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Malistaire's Defeat, starring Elijah, Michael, Tara, and yours truly

Elijah Stormheart introduced himself to me over on Wizard 101 Central a few weeks ago. Since then I've come to know him as a kind of networking genius. Basically, he's introduced me to a lot of his friends and they all seem very awesome.

Elijah actually networked me with another cool cat that I've been chatting with over on youtube, Michael Firecatcher. This was a fortunate event!

Then Michael had us port to his sister, Tara, and Boom! Party of four!

We hatched a plan, or an egg, and decided to fly the dragon over to Malistaire's pad and film the whole event! Both Michael and Elijah needed to complete The Great Spyre instance to finish the game; therefore, it was a perfect excuse.

So, without further delay, I present you with Malistaire's Demise starring the four of us.

And per my usual style, there's a lot of goofiness in there as well. :p

Watch that video in High Quality mode if you can because it's so much nicer.

Happy Dueling!


Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

Ok, that is a BIT discouraging. You are not on my friend list. Thanks a bunch, Thomas.

stingite said...

Wild. Must have accidentally deleted you when I was making room for other friend invites during the Calamity Boompants event.

Sorry! We'll have to meet up again and I'll make room for you on there.

Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

Oh. My. God. I FEEL LIKE AND IDIOT! -die- I got so angry. I was deleting my comments on your blog as well as yours from mine. All that was going through my mind was "I thought I made it clear that if he thought I was annoying, TAKE IT UP WITH ME!"
I doubt I will be able to show my face in the game again. Kind of like the talent show last night. A choir was singing a quiet song, and then I had a bodily function that I thought would be quietly performed, but turned out to sound like a trumpet. Sorry again.

-Sean Emeraldweaver (disgraced myth magician, whatever level he is)

stingite said...

Oph. Don't take it too tough on yourself! LOL. *shakes head* Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Michael said...

Funny video! Jumprope with father drake's tail. Lol. Now moving on to random topics. I know you gave me some encouragemnent on being a myth, and as much as I like it, it's just too much of a hassle to set up. I mean, to get orthrus to do a ton of damage, it takes double EVERYTHING! And I had already started this, so right now I have a level 22 death wizard in training. Almost out of krok, and things are going well for him. It's fun to be gaining power pips in the school I was always meant to be in. :)But what made me finally crack this guy back open last night, was my level 49 death friend. He was standing there, making me so envious of his wraith pet, and I say, "I want your pet so bad!" and as he has said many, many, many, MANY times, was, "You were always meant to be death. That's what got me started on this boy again. What fun! :D

Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

Thomas: MB Ambrose area 1 in the spiral chamber. I'll be there all night.

stingite said...

@Michael: Sounds like this character switch is going to be good. Death is a super fun class and it sounds like you're going to love it. BTW, I was completely schooled by a myth student in PvP the other day.

@Sean: I'm logged on now in Ambrose 1. Haven't seen you yet! I don't know how long I'll be in since I have another game I need to play with an old friend. I'm there waiting now though.

Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

Go right now to MB in ambrose 1 i will be watching the door for you.

Michael said...

Yep, I'm hoping so Thomas. And I know that myth has pretty good damage, and beats death as far as damage amounts, but death, for one thing, in my opinion, looks much cooler. And the double feints and all those traps... It's just too hard. And death may not do quite as much damage as others, but the convert feature beats them all. Sorry to the rest of the schools. (Not that they aren't cool though.:-D)

Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

Do you have to keep that post up for the rest of the month? If so you can be my guest blogger. And where did "Stingite" come from? Beware, I might want to interview you soon.
-Sean EmeraldWeaver (level 28 Myth Magician, soon to powerhouse MB

stingite said...

Nah, I don't have to. It was just a good excuse to. ;-) My blog posts will be heading your way!