Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Isiah, tasting the rainbow

Isiah, the now 10th level myth wizard, is hitting the runway here in Firecat Alley with his brand new ensemble entitled "Taste the Rainbow."

Isiah swears he is not color blind, but instead, colorific. The subtle color tie-in for this attire is a dark blue undercoat; however, that is the extent of it. The yellow clashing against the purple and dashing against the orange wizard shoes with white knee length tube socks (or are those tights? /gasp!).

Isiah definitely captured the color essence of his name sake and, once again, making the old new again.


Isaiah Spelldust said...

Just like skittles! (They are yummy)

~Isaiah Spelldust

Isaiah Spelldust said...

I am almost dont with part four of my story!

~Isaiah Spelldust

p.s, i got new posts on my site and new ones coming your way!

Michael said...

Poor Isiah. I feel dang sorry for him. Myth is definitley the worst main school. As a secondary school,it's not too shabby. But as a main... Well, let's not go there. The reason I know this is because, as stupid as this seems, I made a myth wizard when I first started this game. Now I wish that I could go back and turn him into a death wizard, and have learned all spells death would have learned at the point I'm at. But alas, that cannot be made. :( *Sigh.*