Monday, April 6, 2009

Friendly's Sig Barn

Well, I'm kind of nervous this will become a "thing" for me since I have a history with it. It's to be feared since if you get into it, it can be a real time sucker. If this is starting to sound like a drug, you're right. That, my friends, is the signature business. There's one thing everyone who frequents a messageboard forum wants: a signature. Something they'd make themselves if they had the software . . . something they HUNGER for. Something uniquely them. Well, maybe it isn't all that ominous. It can become a job though.

It's been a while since I've been in the signature business. I used to do signatures all the time when I was in Everquest.

Here's a few examples:

Anyway . . . you get the idea.

So, I decided to try my hand at a couple signatures for people over at Wizard 101 Central. I'm not going to let this overpower my playtime. Seriously, sig work can take up a lot of time and if you run into someone picky, well, I'm not kidding you . . . it can become a second job. So I'm taking this with more caution than before.

So here's the two sigs I made for Oran Shadowsmith and Cheyenne Darkwhisper.

Oran wanted one pretty much exactly like Cheyenne's, so it may look a touch formulaic . . . but not. I have to say it's an honor to have my signature work shown off by the number 1 poster over on Wizard 101 Central though . . . now that's exposure!


Happy Dueling!


Cheyenne DarkWhisper said...

Well, personally I love your work and I wasn't picky (heh made YOU come up with the idea). Thanks again for my siggie and I'm still working on yours. Like you said "Time Sucker" lol.

stingite said...

No rush, Shy. And you definitely weren't picky. /hugs

Shy said...

Wow this is harder than I thought for you! Hmph. Creative Block. .

Now, I'm making it so instead of Cheyenne Darkwhisper its just Shy lol

Isaiah Spelldust said...

That's awesome! i love the way the graphic designs are very good :)
You gotta show me how to do it!

~Isaiah Spelldust

stingite said...

just get a decent graphics program like photoshop then work the magic of layers! ;-)