Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Level 48 Spells are LIVE!

that's right wizards! Head on into the spiral and go talk to your class professors! Originally scheduled to be released in the Summer Semester due to some issues with the Orthrus pet, the spells are now fixed and LIVE!


I'm so excited I get to cast the level 48 spell. You're going to find me this morning in Sunken City sucking the life out of all those monsters.

YAY! See below how to start this series of quests to get your level 48 class spell!

The list of spells is as follows:

Fire: Fire Dragon
Ice: Ice Giant
Storm: Storm Lord
Life: Rebirth
Myth: Orthrus
Death: Scarecrow
Balance: Heighten Magic

A few videos:

Oh, one thing you need to go say to your professors to start the quest to get your the level 48 spell . . . and this is super important . . . don't forget it . . . "April Fools."


brenda said...


My 48 spell is a group spirit armor combined with a heal which will hardly ever be useful. So. not really caring about the Life spell even when it does come out. Just another one that will never find its way into my deck.

Mythslinger said...

Oh that's so cruel...april fools huh?

Isaiah Spelldust said...


Michael said...

Aww. I thought it was the truth. You make me sad... lol

Cheyenne DarkWhisper said...

Aww I thought this was true. But then I remembered... April Fool's Day. Can't trust ANYONE on the 1st of April. Well we gotta love ya anyways Thomas :P

Anonymous said...

yea it seems real but if look at end of first vis he has like 12 potions which i think is impossible. you will never hear me again. or maybe you will. im Anonaymous. i can be anyone.

Quantize said...

you had me totally fooled.

I clicked my link to w101c before finishing reading to check if their was a thread on it yet. Than I realized it was april 1st...

Quinn Hexthief said...

Blast it Friendly! Got me too! =[

Oh well, you nearly got the name right with that new Balance spell. ;)

stingite said...

@ brenda Anytime you want to cast that spell on me, I will gladly accept it.

@ Mythslinger gotcha!

@ Isaiah :p

@ Michael gotcha!

@ Cheyenne gotcha!

@ Anonymous the 12 potion one is actually a KI employee from what I understand, but who knows. This post is a hoax though. APRIL FOOLS!

@ Quantize gotcha!

@ Quinn gotcha! I had a feeling I was close on that balance spell. ;-)

hehe. All in good fun. Hope you all had a good time tricking your friends today! APRIL FOOLS!

btw . . . nice showing of love from all the Friendly regulars and even an anon poster. You guys are awesome. I feel the love!

Michael said...

I just noticed something, and I wish I could get it. On the fire dragon video, right as he is making the fire sign when he is casting it, look to the left of him and the person by him has a colossus pet. Not earth walker, a colossus. I wish I could get one of those. :P

Anonymous said...

so it was i KI employee. yes this is the same anonymous as before. if it was a KI employee, where can i start? no, seriously i want those potions. sunken city would be much easyer with them.