Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Found more GDC fodder on player housing!

Aha! Tried to sneak past me, didn't you? Oh, curse gaming . . . no, I don't mean literally "curse" it, I mean CURSE.COM!

Just found this little tidbit over there.

There's not much new information from the other GDC articles here, but I like how the reporter put this paragraph:

Players will be able to have a rather large plot of land, and build a house on it, houses are then easily customizable with an almost endless amount of options. Each item in the house can be moved, spun, twisted, and molded to conform to the layout and design the player is trying to achieve.

There's also this really cool ground level picture from the Krokotopia housing.

I'm seriously thinking that krok is where I might want to take up residence.

Happy Dueling!

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Isaiah Spelldust said...

I want a mooshu ground lvl house so i can practice my kung fu and tai kwon do! hyah! :) See ya in the Spiral

~Isaiah Spelldust