Thursday, April 2, 2009

Google Searches (and other questions) Answered

You have searched or contacted me and asked questions and I have answers . . . or quasi-answers . . . or links to where you can get answers . . . or just sarcastic remarks. FOR FREE! Can you believe it? FOR FREE! Well, I don't ask much. You could click through my advertisements on the sidebar every once in a while. That would rock. They pay me like a penny or two every time you do that. I'm up to like two bucks now since I added it. $2 for a labor of love. Not bad.

OK, enough about me, let's talk about you and your searches.


1- Nightside video

You asked, and I couldn't find any . . . so, I made one. :-)


2- Stingite fan fiction

Hey! I'm flattered you found this site by searching on my name to see if I have any fan fiction available. I actually did write two or three chapters of a short story way back when I started playing. My character was around 25th level or so and so I didn't have much to go by when writing it. I'll have to see if I can finish it up. Here's a snippet from Chapter 1. Let me know if it catches your interest.

Thomas’s foot swung softly from the bridge as he presented his card deck of necromancy from his side pocket. He held to the new vampire cards he had just acquired and sung a tune that the Death School Master had taught him. His eyes glowed a faint red.

Thomas shuffled the cards before him and drew a quick six pick of cards. He laid the cards on his legs to get a good look. His hand showed five myth magic cards and one death magic card. “Interesting,” Thomas mused to himself. Usually his hands were more balanced between myth and death.

“. . . and very troubling!” breathed Thomas as he noticed a grievous error. A Cyclops card from his deck had torn at the corner. This was bad. This was very bad.

It was a strange sight--not completely unheard of--but still a strange sight to see since magic cards were made of blessed paper soaked in the tears of the magic beast whose essence they summon (along with some other combination of materials mostly too vile or too blessed to mention in the standard classroom environment) and laminated with the sap of the tree of magic the card represented. It was quite a process and resulted in a magically sturdy creation that could be used again and again. Torn cards, meant less effective spells, which could mean defeat, which could mean more lectures from teachers. No one wanted that.

“Well at least it wasn’t one of my death cards,” mumbled Thomas as he flipped the card between his fingers. It was a cool trick he had learned from his friend Calab, an Ice Wizard and a trusted ally. The card began between the pinky and ring finger and quickly made its rounded trip up to thumb and index.

Thomas held his torn Cyclops card up now to the dancing rainbow mist above him and used it to shade his eyes. Something seemed different about this torn card . . . the colors or the depth . . . maybe it was leaking some magic? He couldn’t tell.

I would link you to some fan fiction I wrote for Everquest, but I'm too embarrassed about it. haha.

3- Wizard 101 new spells and worlds

Well, as it turns out, I played a little April Fool's joke yesterday and listed a number of the spells that we will be seeing. One that was not correct in that list was the new Balance spell, which is actually called power nova.


How do I know this? People over at Wizard101 Central have been talking about the spells now being on the test server. So guess what? New spells are coming soon!

As for new worlds . . . keep your eyes peeled for Celestia and Grizzleheim, which are both mentioned in quest logs while you journey through the spiral.

Images graciously lifted from the Wizard101 Central website.

Of course, we're going to see player housing come out before you'll see either of those I'm guessing.

4- Wizard 101 Dueling Diego Secret

I have no idea what the secret is. Let me know if you find out. I imagine it involves developing macros with a third-party program to win and score big numbers, which is cheating. So, don't do it. Just play the game to have fun.

5- Error posting over at Wizard101 Central.

I recently received this message:

"speaking of wizard 101 central, I have a question about it. Whenever I want to post or something, it says my account does not have sufficient options to post or it sometimes won't let me view things that people attach to their post."

I had never experienced this, so I did some legwork for you. I posted your question over at Wizard101 Central for you! There were a lot of great answers!

Go check out the post for yourself. It's a great read. The people there are super friendly, or as I say, Friendly Necromancer Approved.

Well, I have to go to work now! I'll catch you all on the flip side. Hope that helps! Stay tuned and we'll get more questions answered.

(*Wanders off to the shower muttering something about making a Nightside video*)

Happy Dueling!


Matthew Mythslinger said...

I thought yesterday was a sad day when I got suckered by the April Fools lvl 48 spell blog, alas I was wrong TODAY is a SAD day... if that truly is my Balance wizards 7 PIP spell...COME ON KINGS ISLE! we don't use the three pip donate power spell but once in a blue moon and I can Guarantee that if you played the game with a Balance wizard THIS IS NOT the spell you were looking forward to. SAD SAD SAD, this is the best they could come up with ? Wow...are we running short on imagination over there? I thought the developers played the game too...obviously they only use fire ice storm and death wizards... Because the rest of us got the proverbial SHAFT when it comes to 7 pippers! I WAS feeling bad for our Life wizards and their Lame 7 pip spell until I saw
The sadness grows...and begins to sprout Angry blossoms.
I mean really...I know Keirsten and others read this so I am asking you, "Do you REALLY think you came up with 7 pip spells that help ALL the wizards?" I'll answer that for you..."NO".
Like I said Ice is happy, Storm wizards...elated, Fire wizards are giggling like school girls for their dragon. Death students are coming back out of the woodwork to suck the life out of a whole mob...Myth students? we already have a double hit shield buster...we wanted a single big hit spell like the Ninja Pig, so it doesn't take two Feints and 8 traps to set up the big one. Life wizards, Don't need more help protecting the team, we wanted a group attack spell so we could feel like we are helping out, and maybe make the solo stuff a wee bit faster. Balance wizards...we are too mad to comment. The picture of the card is self explanatory, with those same 7 pips you could just kill one of the mob and be more useful then donating TWO2 PIPS lame.
Wow, I am so bummed and disappointed. All of the new and really COOL stuff coming out and we get the proverbial turd out of the punchbowl in our glasses.
Guess I need to go make a Death wizard now...

Isaiah Spelldust said...

hehe nice thomas! come check my blog .... new posts :)

~Isaiah Spelldust

Anonymous said...

I got the magazene with your card in it, but there are also some everquest II items, E-mail me if you want the codes,

-Sean EmeraldWeaver, (level 20 myth magician)

Michael said...

Thank you so much! I appreciate it greatly. :) Rock on!

Michael said...

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Since I wasn't familiar with this site when I created my account, I used a fake email address. No wonder I never saw the registration email. So I just created a new account and used my real email. Thanks a bunch!

Isaiah Spelldust said...

hey stingite ... I e'mailed my site like three days ago and it still hasnt shown up :(. Any suggestions?

~Isaiah Spelldust

Michael said...

Hey Stingite. Do you have the sword soulsinger's soulsword? Because since you're death, I thought you may want it, as well as I do. So, maybe we could get together and farm if you wanted it. P.S. I thought it would be cool to be friends with the friendly necromancer on the game too. :)

Michael said...

I can feel your rage Matthew. I'm a myth, and Dang! I like how the oruthrus looks, but what's up with the double hit thing again? I was tired out enough with minotaur, and now this? I mean, COME ON KINGSILE! And I wish that balance and life would get a shot too, and not just be support like the schools are made to be.

Jakob said...

plz link me to the fanfic. i want to read it. please. there are no new fanfics on i want to read a wizard 101 story!

Jakob said...

give me fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks awesome.!!!!!!

Jakob said...

if anyone at ALL knows where to find friendlys fanfic COMMENT. i check this blog daily for new things.

stingite said...

@Michael: sounds good! Look me up on central. That seems to be the easiest way to meet up.

@Jakob: HAHA! Ok, Jakob, Ok! I'll see about finishing the story. :-)

Anonymous said...

it me jakob i got high speed internet YAYZ. i am going to play on my level 26 myth charecter in marleybone. his name is Justin HexHunter.if you see me talk to me.
id love to me the Friendly Necromancer in person.i could use help in chealsea court. those robots are tough to sneak by!

Jakob said...

i really want to see this fanfic. i really like this part.this grabbed my attention:
It was a strange sight--not completely unheard of--but still a strange sight to see since magic cards were made of blessed paper soaked in the tears of the magic beast whose essence they summon (along with some other combination of materials mostly too vile or too blessed to mention in the standard classroom environment). that was cool. and funny. finish this fanfic!

Jakob said...

plus i also got my conjuror up to a level 30 magus. YAYZ!