Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ah! Love.

So I had Isiah Taleslinger out yesterday doing quests. I think my plan here is to get The Evil Twin and Isiah up to Krokotopia solo and then really start grouping them up. The second laptop has been getting a lot of use from my daughter lately. She's been frequenting a website known as Cartoon Doll Emporium. (Warning young males. Do not let your mothers and fathers see you on this website. Be careful. You don't want to give them a heartattack. Be kind.)

So I'm quite alarmed by one particular game over there.

You see, you basically laser boys with your eyes to get them to follow you around like a love ghost. My daughter is particularly fond of this game.

Anyway, I stop contemplating what this website is saying to my daughter about love and brush it off because I've got some solo questing to do! I start running Isiah around and find this great shot of Bartleby in the midst of a quest. Who knew the question mark was in his eye socket? crazy stuff. There's just one slight problem. (see arrow)

LOVE STRIKES AGAIN! Jeremy Dragonrider apparently has no date and needs one. MAN! I can't escape this love thing! Well, I'm not ready for that kind of commitment, and I don't think he's asking me on a date anyway.

So I run Isiah over to Triton Ave to clean up some quests. I get about five done when all of a sudden in the midst of slaying a banshee, this happens:

Poor Wolf. I feel bad for him. I felt like saying, well at least Wolf has a crush; Jeremy Dragonrider is still back on the dating circuit. Poor Wolf.

So, spring is in the air I think. I have a lot of words on love that would probably bore the pants off you . . . and since we want you to keep your pants on, I shall not bore you with my love theories. (Even though you haven't really lived until you've sat through me expounding on the color wheel of love. ahem.) We'll save it for a wintery day when it's too cold and you must keep your pants on or freeze to death. yes. That sounds good.

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...
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Isaiah Spelldust said...

Thats a good way to explain love!

~Isaiah Spelldust

p.s. let me know of you have read
part 3 of my story The Awakening.

If you didnt that's ok here it is! :

Awakening (Part Three : chapter 3: Baxter finds out and chapter 4: Zeke's betrayal) Chapter three : Baxter finds out Back at the Library where everyone was stationed Baxter paces nervously in one of the rows of scrolls. Where is he, Baxter thought to him self, I have to go look. A mander soldier came up to Baxter. "Hello sir." Said the soldier. "Name's Burk Duhn' kal." They shook hands, and Baxter went back to pacing. "I have news on Zah' nul sir." Burk continued. Baxter looked up. "What news good fellow, I ust know. He could be in grave danger." Burk leaned up against a nearby shelf shuffling his hands and looking down. "What is it." Baxter sounded more concerned now. "Bloody boy tell me!" Burk looked up, then in to the distance. "He is in Krokophinx sir." Then left. "What!'' Baxter exclaimed. Darn fool's gonna get himself killed! I must hurry!"Baxter ran out of the shelves of scrolls, got his sword, and dashed out the front door of the library. What is gonna happen to Baxter out in that storm? Will he find Zah'nul? To be continued ... Chapter 4 : Zekes betrayal Meanwhile in the spiral chamber of Wizard City... After gathering a slew of items Zeke took his spiral key and opened the door to Krokotopia. As he walks in the chamber, he noticed the doorkeeper, Shar' tali, wasn't there. "Hello!" He called. Then headed out into the Oasis. As soon as the storm hit Zeke all of his things he brought, including his old hat had blown off and flew into the breeze. Suprised, Zeke chased after it. And chased... And chased... "Where it be?" Said Zeke to himself, scratching his head. As some of the sand had cleared away, Zeke had came to notice that he had stumbled onto the ferry to Krokosphinx. Then, some enchantment made it go. But who? Zeke looked around while the wind was blowing (but dying down some) He shouted. "Hello dere?" Nobody. He was about to shout again, but a figure came from inside the hull of the ferry. That figure as Zeke presumed is Zah' nul. But as the reader you very well know him as General Kahibi. "Hello there Zeke." The copy Zah' nul said. "Why hey dere!" Exclaimed Zeke. "Yer da person dat I've been wantin' ta see!" "Oh yes I am!" Kahibi Shouted, then put a veil of chains around him and locked him in the cupboard in the hull. Will Kahibi get the shard to Ash Gorblood? Or will Baxter find him in time and challenge him to a deul? Find out soon. To be continued .... ~Isaiah Spelldust

Shy said...

Haha Thomas, just keep feeling happy you have a wife and feel (insert emotion here) for the ones without someone to love xD

stingite said...

@Sean: seriously, the color wheel of love is about the coolest theory on love out there (for me). It just explains so much about those feelings that people completely misunderstand or misidentify in themselves.

@Isaiah: I love this stuff. I'm going to have to put up a special fan fiction post or two for you.

@Shy: *sympathy* . . . um . . . *excited*? I'm trying to get to that emotion. hmmm. ;-)

Michael said...

Uh... I played that game, and it is WEIRD! Just about the freakiest game I have EVER played. No offense to your daughter. :)