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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Playing W101 from my hotel room

HEY! I got to sneak in a half hour of play this morning from our hotel room. Good stuff. The fire elves were feeling the evil twin's thunder from all the way within the Holiday Inn. BOOM!

I'm off for more education about Autism. This has been really valuable. Definitely been a good experience.

Happy Dueling!


Michael said...

Heheh. Good stuff. It's kinda fun seeing you play from the hotel room. I hope that you get more good stuff about this, and that your son gets better. :D

Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

HOW DO YOU DO IT??? I was on vacation a while back at comfort inn and Tried to get on, but before it could load someone would get on and it would move like pondwater.

stingite said...

@Michael: Thanks, M! Tons of info. Tons of good vibes. The seminar was definitely helpful, and we got some great ideas.

@Sean: Dunno, maybe it was just really early in the morning before anyone could mess up my connection speed. hehe.

Michael said...

I'm glad it has been. :)

Jakob said...

hey necromancer. i finnaly made it to mooshu after blowing off all side quests that exist. and i really hope your son gets past the autism. i think i may have a similer problem. aspergers? i think thats it. it's early and i am not looking it up. my parents do that. well from one atistic to another, i hope you get past it, Kyle Skystaff.

stingite said...

Hey Jakob! Thank you so much. I will let him know. And, yup, they're very similiar. BTW, I'm on chapter 4 of my fan fiction!