Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Housing Items of the Day--Small Fern and Large Cypress Tree

Today I am doing my part to green the world by . . . playing a computer game . . . no, that doesn't sound right. Um, well today's housing item of the day is the Small Fern from Alicane over there on Firecat Alley.

Elijah popped up and surprised me. He had also recently acquired a housing item, so we decided to do Elijah's housing item of the day: The Large Cypress Tree from Lord Nightshade.

So this is friendly saying, do your part! Plant it forward and all that. :-)

Seriously, that would rock to plant an actual tree today. You should talk your parents into that. GO!

*EDIT* OOPS! One other matter that I need to do in the next 20-minutes (or at least that's what the e-mail tells me). This one is specifically for Shy, but everybody else too. I got this e-mail from a friend today and was told that if I didn't send this to six people, that an innocent unicorn would die. I will not allow that to happen. Pass it on!

Happy Dueling!


Isaiah Spelldust said...

So am i a bra? <:o)

stingite said...

Yes . . . you are a bra.

Isaiah Spelldust said...


Check my site! I really need feedback/forum posts!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

~Isaiah Spelldust

Michael said...

Hehe. I'm happy. I just got the longblade of the homunculus. Aka, glowing humongo sword of power. lol

Michael said...

I hope you don't wear one Thomas...