Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Player Housing Information (GDC and otherwise)

I caught this over at MMO Gamer from Steven Crews. It appears he had an interview with Todd Coleman at GDC and will be compiling it sometime soon in an article titled, "From Shadowbane to Child’s Play: Kingisle’s Todd Coleman on Wizard101"

We'll have to keep our eyes peeled.

Also! If you haven't gone to check out the newsletter yet, there is a wonderful section on player housing published by KI themselves.

Here's a reproduction of the article in case you can get to my site and not KI's site:

Wizard101™ Housing
The next major new content being developed by KingsIsle Entertainment for Wizard101 is an elaborate housing element called Wizard Castles. At the basic level, all players, including Free-to-play (FTP), will be able to decorate their dorms at the Ravenwood School of Magic with hundreds of new items from wallpaper to in-game trophies. In addition there will be modest and luxury private housing options that give players a place to invite their friends and showcase their Wizard101 style inside and outside their own virtual space.

All players start out with a dorm room. Upgraded housing can be purchased using in-game gold. Beginning in the world of Krokotopia, a turtle character will be the housing vendor. A separate real estate agent NPC will help players activate their selected house. Players will teleport to their own house or over to a friend’s house via their Friends List. KingsIsle expects to launch housing to subscribers on the test realm in April, followed by a live launch for all Wizard101 players shortly thereafter.

Housing features include:
• Three tiers of housing: Dorms, Modest private Castles and Lands, Luxury private Castles and Lands
• Two different housing styles for each Wizard101 world, beginning in Krokotopia
• More than 800 decorative housing items such as plants, statues, wall hangings, columns, pictures, furniture, etc.
• Many variations, including more than 20 different types of detailed wallpaper and flooring
• Ability to decorate interior and exterior of houses
• Obtain decorations through in-game gold, PvP Arena Points, quest rewards, exploration, defeat of select bosses, common or rare enemy drops, and Crown (microtransaction) purchase.
Click on these screenshots to see more!

They also have a picture from each house style on the newsletter as well.

Happy Dueling!

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