Friday, December 31, 2010

Who gives me my next quest in Celestia?

Incoming question from Tanner Rubycatcher:
Friendly, can you help me please? In Crustacean Empire in Celestia, I finished the quest to beat Glauco, and I talked to Thurston Plunkett. He gave me another quest, but its just a side quest! He doesn't have any main quests for me to do, and niether does the Crab next to him. Can you please tell me where the next main story quest is in Celestia and who gives it?

Your help would be appreciated!

Ahhh, Ok, it appears the quest to beat Glauco is actually a side quest, not the main quest line. Your missing main story quest is probably somewhere between the following characters: Plunkett, Nestor, Lieutenant Dafoe, Senator Xanthus, or Queen Calypso. Go check in all those places and see if you can find the trail back to your quest.

I know this thanks to this really awesome guide over on Central. Be sure to scroll down to the Crab Empire quests, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Hope that helps!


thomas deathgem said...

I had this happen also... Here is how i got past it :)
You Defeat the myth and the balance boss (forget their names) But they are in the same battle. After you finish that quest talk to Senator Xanthus and he will have a quest for you :D After you finish THAT chain of quests, the guy in Celestia Base Camp will have a quest for the Solar District then a quest for The Trial of the Spheres :) Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

ty friendy, i was stumped on that too, and just out of curiosity how are amber and kyle doing in celestia so far?

Anonymous said...

once again i am stuck without a quest in this game!! so frustrating!!! i defeated eeglis now i have nothing