Monday, September 6, 2010

Awesome Weekend + Rowan, Isaiah, and Moira enter Moo Shu!

You know, there's a certain ritual that happens around the office after a long weekend like this one. People will come into my office and eventually they'll ask the famous question, "So what did you do over the weekend?" They're mostly asking, not because they're curious as to how your weekend went, but because what they really want to do is blabber on about how awesome THEIR weekend was when I return the question. *smirk* Nah, they're good peeps for the most part. *hugs coworkers*

Anyway, as a gamer working with a majority of non-gamers it would be so foreign for me to tell "the full" truth. Here's how that conversation will probably go down:

"Oh yeah, well I got the lawn mowed, which it really needed, and I watched the kids on Friday while my wife worked. mm hmmm. Went to church. Got some awesome Mexican food. Made some killer Fish Tacos. You know, just kind of a regular weekend. Played some games. et cetera."

When in reality to another gamer, I would probably say something more like this:

"OH, yeah I totally hit 20th level in Free Realms on my Brawler and got my epic weapon, THE RUMBLER! IT'S AWESOME! AND, I hit 19th level in the EQ2 Extended Beta with my supa sweet Sorcerer character. Saturday night I finished off a good chunk of Final Fantasy 13 . . . I'm in Chapter 11 so I think I'm getting closer to the end (it's taken HOURS upon HOURS to get to this point). Sunday night my static group WASTED the Cerulean Hills in Dungeons and Dragons Online. The best part was this whole time my son kept dragging me off to Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 to help him out, and he ended up beating SMG1 for a second time! That kid is INSANELY AWESOME! And last but not least, my wife and I took three characters out of Marleybone and into Mooshu in Wizard101! WOOTSHU!"

I don't know. Maybe I'll try the second version with the office people this week and see how it goes over. ;-)

So, YES, this is the real meat of my message here, not office talk.


That there is the crew that took Meowiarty down last night. Destiny Mistshard came to help us out with the win (check out that hybrid she's sporting . . . that's a baby from Mister Brandy right there *tear*). It was a good time for sure!

Many of you may not be familiar with Moira in that picture. My wife decided to give the death school a shot and started leveling Moira on the side to catch up with Rowan and Isaiah, our myth wizards. She did it, and now we have three characters steadily moving toward end game in preparation of Celestia. I don't know if we'll get these characters to 50th by the time Celestia is released, but we're trying!

If we're successful that will make a "grand total" of 10 Grandmaster wizards between all of our accounts. WOOTS! (1 ice, fire, storm, and balance wizard. 2 life, 2 myth, and 2 death wizards.)

I love this game.

Anyway, I hope you're having an equally awesome weekend out there! So what did YOU do this weekend, my gamer buddy readers?!

Happy Dueling!


Wolf Winterstaff said...

Congrats! I just got my myth out of Krokotopia, so maybe if I put in a lot of work, I can catch up! :P

Stephanie said...

LOL! You should definitely try the game talk one, I bet they wouldn't understand about half of what you're saying but know that you had a fun weekend.

I mostly dueled on my characters, it was fun to defeat someone with two ninja pigs in a row. I also quested on my fire in GH. Woot, love ravens :P

Hope you have a wonderful week Friendly!

Anonymous said...

Well, fellow gamer, my friend and I TOTALLY PWNED NOOBS in mw2. That double xp was rocking. Jumping off of buildings trying to no scope and dying... Good fun.

Kristin WillowShield said...

o did you win a pet from big ben? like maybe a white rat or krokotillian?

Benjamin nightfist said...

i took a break from wizard 101 ( kinda boring for me cause i have to side quest since i beat the game) so i poke in somtimes to play wizard 101 and do one side quest.

anyways i started playing pirates online! its really fun!
it has a mode called invsion during the night only were hordes and hordes of enemies to defend the mansion!

now i must wait a week for halo reach

Wolf Battleshield said...

Congo Rats! on getting those characters to Mooshu. And as for me I moved my death to Mooshu, My storm to Krok, and my brother and I totally pwned Briskbreeze tower.

Cassandra DragonHeart said...

Spent all weekend with the Mercs for Hire Ringing the walls of Brisk Breeze helping other wizards get their Grand rings. A total of 19 rings were wrested out of Orrick's crusty old hands! A great time was had by all :)

Sierra Starsong said...

I finished building my Watchtower Hall! Not sure yet if I'll move everything out of my other houses to that one or not, we'll see.

My fire alt Shannon Rosetalon leveled up twice yesterday, did her Smokescreen spell quest and ran Crimson Fields - solo, clear through first try, woot! (No thanks to a bugged Heckhound that used up Prisms without converting to Ice damage, bad dog!) Shannon also bought a Life school house (it's her secondary), moved all her stuff there out of her old house, and had one whale of a yard sale to get rid of everything she didn't want.

Oh, and the #Petnome team had a meetup at Kevin's house Saturday, tossed around a lot of ideas, and got dogpiled by his zoo.