Sunday, May 9, 2010

Medusa joins facebook

Heya all,

I know this is off topic, but, you know . . . occasionally I talk other games over here on The Friendly Necromancer (it's a rare-ish occurrence ;)). As most of you know, I've been playing a little bit of Mytheon on the side. I decided to try and help drum up their fan count for Mytheon on facebook, and so far it's not really happening. BUT, I did make this machinima video about it! Thought you guys might think it's funny since most of you have already been exposed to my sense of humor. :)

The promotion ends 16 May 2010, so if you are feeling generous with your clicks, head on over to the Mytheon page and give 'em a "like".

Also, just since we're talking other games right now. I can't help myself from having flashbacks to Diablo when I play this game. I played a LOoooooot of Diablo and Diablo II. I've also put in a ton of time with Diablo Clones too like Nox, Dungeon Siege I and II, Darkstone, etc. This was all way back in the late 90's and around the turn of the century. Recently Torchlight also sparked my Diablo nostalgia. All great games with that dungeon crawl feel from an isometric view. None of them were ever MMOs, so in my eyes Mytheon has a lot of potential in this direction. It doesn't really feel like an MMO . . . yet. Hopefully they can get a community going that asks for some solid improvements. We'll see where it leads.

Happy Dueling!


AutumnalDusk said...

Torchlight is actually being developed as an mmo, for future release. I love my pistoleer.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Love the video! Hilarious! Especially when you threw Samuel Jackson in there xD

Destiny Deathgem said...

the video's awesome, friendly xD
i found mytheon kind of hard though, since im used to W101 and all, but yea..i hope i'll get used to it.

Andrew Firerider said...

Hi, I'm not sure if this message already got sent.
This doesn't have to do with Medusa - I needed a way to email you.
I made my own fansite, and I wanted to know if you could check it out, and offer tips and comments. You can do that on the Questions and Answers page. To view my website, click on my name on the top, and it should take you there.

Blaze Silverfist said...

This is great Friendly! Very professional looking. That was just hilarious. I hope Mytheon gains more players from this. Maybe I'll try it out, who knows ;D


Deaththekid said...

Grand fantasia is a game you should be plugging Friendly no offense