Monday, May 17, 2010

Myrna and Iridian Enter Dragonspyre!

Uber Wife and I decided to work a bit more on our Myrna and Iridian team this weekend. We had put them to the side to finish up Dragonspyre with Molly and Bailey. Myrna (my character) needed to do a little catch-up to Iridian (uber wife's character), and this involved earning her Iceblade and a number of levels.

Yay, I got a visit from a colossus!

Yay, Iceblade *and* a level up! It doesn't get much better than that.

Even after all that, Myrna is still behind Iridian on levels, but that's because she's been busy completing all her sidequests, like the Mossback series in Mooshu.

Uber wife is uber.

So, blah blah blah, it took a bit of doing, but after a few hours of play, Myrna was ready for the Tree of Life Instance and Jade Oni. These went relatively fast, and before we knew it, we were fighting Cyrus Drake. Together.

Ok, here's where I'm confused. I remember fighting Cyrus Drake with Thomas back when Dragonspyre went live, and I remember doing that fight with a few strangers (You can see that in the video on this blogpost). THEN, I had to fight Cyrus Drake with Amber and Kyle separately for some reason. I also had to fight Cyrus with Molly and Bailey separately. Then for some reason Myrna and Iridian were able to fight him side by side? What the heck? It's weird because you can't port in to a Cyrus Drake fight, and it appears that if you enter the myth tower at the same time, then you'll have to fight him separately. BUT, if you have one character go into the fight and start it, then wait a couple minutes and enter with your other character, then they can join in the fight . . . but only if they are both flagged for the fight? OH MY WORD SO WEIRD. Why would it be coded like that?

Sorry, I digress.

Um, the important thing here at the end of the day was that . . . TADA . . . we won and Myrna and Iridian are now rocking the Dragonspyre scene.

BOOMZAKALAKA! YOU KNOW IT! AND, Iridian dinged 45 to boot (check out the clothing swap on Iridian there between the two pictures above).

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just read your post about Myrna and Iridian (congratz!), and I never realized that you could play the same account on two different computers at the same time. Is this true, or am I misinterpreting? Thanks!!!

Wolf Winterstaff said...

You know, I always wondered,where did you get those cool pirate clothes for Myrna? The ice ones with the clouds?

Michael said...

lol Lionblood is my friends name. P.S. Good luck in DragonSpyre :D

Jessica said...

Woot! Gratz! That must have been a lot of leveling...

Heather Raven said...


Heather Emeraldflame said...

Yeah, Cyrus is just weird like that. I am pretty sure it'a all a glitch and am thinking you are supposed to solo the battle since it's supposed to be a test of your abilities.

It has nothing to do with waiting a couple minutes, though, it's just chance.

When my wizards Alic and Kaitlyn had the quest together I tried all kinds of things to get them in together, including didn't work. I had to do them separately.

But when Mom and I did that quest she was able to enter right along with me. I wasn't even in the battle yet. I'm glad she was able to cause after I told her about it she was dreading it...even though I told her it was easy...

Personally, I'd rather solo it most of the time. It's just that when I did Kaitlyn and Alric, well they are Life and Balance, so it would have been nice to buff up Alric and get a nice Centaur one-hitter, but that didn't happen.

What I hate is when random people you don't even know are able to enter it. I usually log off right then because it's always after I am at least half set-up for a hit and with my luck they will come in and destroy it all. So I usually start over if someone else joins in and I don't know them.

But,'s just a glitch. It's like the one in the Grand Arena, that was going on for some time. You'd be in there fighting one of those bosses and someone would come running in there and join. Then you'd wonder how they got in. Any time I ever entered one of those and saw someone in already I politely stepped out and changed realms. It's so not cool when someone has already been working on a fight and someone else steps in and gets credit for doing the same thing you did but they didn't hardly have to do anything.

...I know different situation with you and Bailey; you guys want to do that together. Like I did with mom. Glad you were able to get in together :)

Grayson said...

Nice, my Ice wizard got to Dragonspyre and is now in the Plaza of Conquests, so, maybe my Ice wizard can help you with adventuring. But, I only have enough crowns that I can only buy one more area in Dragonspyre, unless I buy Kinsington Park, which I don`t want to buy. Please get back to me asap. Thanks.

stingite said...

@anon: yeah, I have them on separate accounts. I actually have 3 separate accounts running at the moment.

@Wolf: Those, sir, are the old school crown gear clothes for ice wizards.

@Micael: gasp! Who is stealing my lionblood family name! :-)

@Jessica: It was a lot! yes!

@Heather Raven: ty!

@Heather Emeraldflame: I wonder if it has anything to do with the realm you're in?

@Grayson: Thanks for the offer, but don't buy plaza of conquests on account of us! We'll probably blast past that content in a day. No worries.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

That could be, but that would be very picky for it to be like that. I'm sure if it has to do with a realm it's still a glitch one way or another. I do wish there was a little more consistency to least for the sake of people that do want to go in together. :)

Sierra Starsong said...

Not the same colors (I don't like pink) but I'm pretty sure my Balance wiz wore that same robe & boots at 45. The DS/Griz mix looks really familiar...