Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Building the Ultimate Bug

Ok, from some of the comments yesterday, it kind of became apparent that a few people don't understand that making an army of ultimate bugs is the real goal of this expansion (or that I'm horribly mistaken).

Never played the ultimate bug game? It's called Evolution over at Central.
You can play it if you want. (I used to hold the high score for that hehehe)

So in this expansion you really are looking to unlock as many stats as you can for your pets. It's all about unlocking traits so you can build the ultimate bug. What kind of traits are there? Ohhhhh, HUNDREDS!

You have accuracy for each class, you have damage for each class, you have health, you have mana, power pip, spell cards . . . you have all kinds of traits at your disposal . . . not to mention derby traits, which are their own beast . . . you have oil slicks, jump removal, sprinting, bombs, walls, lane changes, snares, etc.

To really "win" at this expansion, you're not going to want to level just one pet and be done. You're going to want to unlock as many uber ultra-rare traits as you can with your existing pets and hope to breed the best traits into the pet model with the most potential. AND, you're going to want to breed different types of pets. You'll want to do this over and over until you breed an army of ultimate bugs. You'll want a pet that merely sits by your side and boosts your stats and never breaks traps. You'll want a pet that is full of combat effects who's attacking all the time (for wow factor). You'll want a pet that is a derby champion. etc.

At the end of the day you're building a family of winning pets. And THAT is the purpose of breeding as I see it. (please screw my head on right if I have it on backwards there) AND, since there are hundreds of stats, that's why choosing the ultimate bugs to breed from off of a web storefront would be so attractive to someone who's really into this game. It'd be a time saver.

And all the reject pets who don't have the best stats as you progressed and progressed trying to build the ultimate unicorn? Housing decorations. Really expensive housing decorations. (But, as I noted, they are listening . . . things are subject to lots of change on the test realm.)

And the idea of crown pets being unbreedable? In the end, you're going to feel jilted if you have a pet you can't breed to improve, and that's why some "unbreedable" pets would be ultimately seen a curse. Who would pay crowns for that? Sure they "look" rare on the surface, but they're no ultimate bug . . . They're just some unbreedable (30) potential wannabe sheep, who just happens to have a snappy dance:

I'm pretty sure that sheep has got to be somewhere in the game now . . .

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

Yea, the sheep should...

jesse ^_^ said...

so does that mean the sheep pet is available? there really cool ^_^

Heather Emeraldflame said...

I still believe there are the few, like Kyle's sheep, that should be kept rare...or they wouldn't be special and highly desired(even though the sheep might just sit there and look cute.)Even though I don't have that, probably never will...or the spider golem...I think those are two that should be left alone. Although the power that the spider golem has is a little extreme(even though you have to get it to Epic before it would use that.) There are probably others too that should be left alone, but can't think of them right now.

And something should be done about breeding 2 level 48 pets so that both people can use them.

Alric Ravensinger said...

Yeah I sort of said this in my Blog too it ties into your Super pet post and it also takes the the need and love to farm for pets

jesse ^_^ said...

oh i really would love to get a sheep pet it would match with my life wizard.

Anonymous said...

No offense, Friendly, but as much as you want to be wrong on this one, you are certainly doing a good job of defending it.
It seems to me that in your fear of this occuring, you have subconciously taken the problem (and it is a problem, don't get me wrong) very slightly too far.

Destiny StormStone said...

oh and i did make a post about it in my site,too