Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's online! yay!

. . . and now I have to go to work . . .


Happy Dueling!


Well at least I can start the patcher!


M.W.S said...

Yea, lol

P.D. (Luke GoldHorn) said...


M.W.S said...

This is off-topic but I thought you check this out:

Anonymous said...

Ok, now that Pets have released. Lets get back to New World Speculation.

The new spells how will they work. Here are my thoughts. Moon/Ice/Death will be one group. Sun/Fire/Life will be another group
Star/Storm/Myth will be yet another group.
Leaving Balance in the center of the 3 groups of 3 schools. I think also we will see some form of physical attacks associated with the 3 new 2nd schools. Any thoughts. Morgrim Bane Of Balance out.

Hawkwind said...

Great stuff, thanks for the heads-up on the update being available. Just to warn you, I have added a link to your blog from my new one...standing on the shoulders of giants and all that. See ya!

- Hawk

12th Nightmare said...

I'm interested in seeing what school the Black Spider leans towards. I'm thinking either Death or Life.

Tracie said...

Love my new "zoo". Did anyone know about the shortened dungeons in Marleybone?

Anonymous said...

sun / fire / life
Star / ice / myth
moon / death / storm
And one school -- Balance to RULE the all ..

Check out MLHagen's avatar. It has been up for awhile. It shows the direct links between the schools and the new secondary schools, and this was up before the new schools were even announced. I think anyone who is going to speculate should read the Understanding Balance Thread first.