Monday, April 26, 2010

The Friendly Warcaster?

Heya all,

I just wanted to alert you all to a side project I think I'll be taking on in all my spare time I have (LOL . . . yeah, what am I thinking). Now presenting The Friendly Warcaster!

I've been playing in the closed beta of Mytheon over the weekend, and I can't really talk specifics about the game (but soon I will be able to).

I know y'all like free stuff, so I thought I'd inform you of the Mytheon Open Beta Event. (Medusa wearing an ipod, LOL)

This game will not be for everyone. It's a much different game than Wizard101, so I wouldn't expect the same kind of vibe up front. What I will say is that Kyle and I played this game over the weekend and had a pretty fun time with it. :) If my son likes the game, and I like the game, then that's a good sign I will probably blog about it in one fashion or another.

Now, for the side story from me . . . so, being the Friendly Necromancer I talk to people at Kingsisle from time to time over e-mail. It's an honor really to have access to some of these fine people. One VIP that I grew close to was Fernando Blanco in the Marketing Department. It was a sad day when Fernando moved on from Kingsisle and headed over to True Games as their Marketing Director since he was such a fun guy to write to over e-mail. I dig Fernando, so naturally, I kept in touch with him as he made his move. haha, I was () this close to snagging an interview of Fernando to share with you all about a year ago, but the man is just incredibly busy, and it never worked out.

Well, I never got that interview of Fernando with Kingsisle, but maybe I'll get that interview of Fernando with True Games, eh? He's a great guy. 'nuff said.

I don't know if The Friendly Warcaster will be as big a hit as The Friendly Necromancer has been, but I definitely will be playing through this game and writing about it on the side. No worries though, The Friendly Necromancer isn't going anywhere. The Friendly Warcaster is just another stone in my arsenal of games.

Happy Dueling!


CD said...

Let us know if you'll be in some warcast podcasts. I don't want to miss the interview with Nanamentalist. Ok wrong class but it sounds great.

Oh and if you change to stricter options for commenting, no problem for me. Normally i can't be bothered to create some account, but i can see the problem with the moderating becoming a full time job and i think everyone will agree this place is best with the friendly-like comments.

*scrolls down*
Oh man, look at all these types of accounts i can choose from :)

Taji34 said...

Hey friendly! Do you know what that game is rated? i would like to know because i can't seem to find it. if there isn't a rating what age groups do you think should play this?

Matthew said...

@Taji34 - the game is rated T

Taji34 said...

@matthew where did you find that? or is that an educated guess?

robert dawnbrand said...

Cool i play that to along with warrior epic.

Matthew said...

I apologize Taji, I was looking at a different game from the same company. I can't seem to find anything on this game, but it looks to me like a T rated game due to the fact that the company has made a T rated game before.

stingite said...

I will look into the ratings! Also note that this game is still in beta ... That means your voices can still change the end product. Perfect time to do that in fact! I'm going to most likely push for parental controls or account moderation of some sort. /shrug At least it won't fall into the M catagory like 90 percent of PS3 games seem to fall into.

Thanks for the interest!

Zachary Skywielder said...

bad, bad, naughty friendly

The Man said...

Ahem, Stingite, not 90% of ps3 games are M rated. I happen to have a ps3 and have TONS of games that aren't M.