Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pet Warlord


I've reached the top. Check out that badge over my head, y'all.

Looks a little bit like an Optimus Prime symbol there doesn't it?

And it's allllll due to that little ice cat down there named Queen Abbey. Cassandra has taken to calling him "evil kitty" since you know, he's SUPER FAST AND AWESOME!

I would say something about the driver not being half bad, but it wouldn't be the truth. It's all about the car, I mean, the cat. The evil cat.

Cassandra's pet of choice for the derby is Lord Kobe. In our practice races, all my other adult pets come in second to Lord Kobe. Sure, we're talking tenths of a second here, but still . . .

Now, all I need is to earn 1250 tickets for one of those spectres. LOL. HAHAHAHAHAHA! MUHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry.


Yeah, that's a lot of tickets.

I like racing but I don't know if I like it THAT much. I wonder if I could talk Professor Greyrose into giving me one of those Spectres for . . . scientific research, yeah, yeah. It's all in the name of science.

Happy Dueling!


Heather Raven said...

LOL you don't need any more pets!

Dustin MoonCatcher said...

So what is the rank you need in order to have a Pet _______ badge?

witchwarrior said...

I will beat your kitty one day! ONE DAAAAAAAAAAY! DX

M.W.S said...

@ Dustin Mooncatcher:

Do, your homework! It's basically the same as pvp if you open up your quest book they do have a help icon that's ready to lead a hand.

@ The Friendly Necromancer:

That's great but 2,000 more tickets seems like a heck a lot way more than regular pvp...

NOTE: I'll beat you WHEN I am ready one day not like Cassandra here lol...

stingite said...

@heather: must Have *MORE*

@Dustin: It goes like this:
-Corporal (525)
-Sergeant (550)
-Veteran (600)
-Knight (650)
-Captain (700)
-Commander (800)
-Warlord (900)

@witchwarrior: what? I have a hard time hearing what you're saying all the way here at the finish line! hurry!

@MWS: Yeah, have you seen how much that spectre costs? /jawdrop

witchwarrior said...

@ stingite GRRRRR! 3X

Grayson said...

Rock On Friendly!

@Friendly: The Spectre is 1250 tickets. Lol, ya. I haven't played in over 24 hours and I still remember it. Lol, you're lucky you got that Tempest robe! Yes! I must tell your readers about it! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Hehe, sorry.

Cody Shadowstrider said...

ASK HER FOR TWO SPECTRES! And congratz on warlord, I only knight. my pet of choice is my dream ghoul, lord cody.