Saturday, May 29, 2010

The 46 pets of Thomas Lionblood

Ok, I went through Thomas's 46 pets this morning and took screenshots of them all. My hope is that from this I will be able to extract the rarity of the pet skills and help fill in some initial information on the petnome project.

Sorry about this, but here's all 46 of my pets + stats. Welcome to my bank space nightmare. (click to make bigger if you're interested in a pet)

Happy Dueling!


Grayson said...

Uh, one word that comes to my mind: WOW!

M.W.S said...


Travis emeraldspear said...

wow that must be hard to take all those photos... nice pets

Amber Rosepetal Aka Rosie said...


stingite said...

LOL, thanks. I've been taking more pictures of all the family's pets to help fill in my gaps (like treant, the new ice salamander, etc.).

@Travis: None of this is particularly hard at this point . . . just time consuming. And there's a TON of work to be done.

The Overachieving Necromancer said...

LEVEL UP THE HECKHOUND! LEVEL UP THE HECKHOUND! and maybe if one of your pets wants to race mine in the derby,
i'm game, my heckhound lord baxter has never finished worst that first. His record

25 first place
0 Second
0 third
0 fourth

The Life of a Griffin said...

How many adult pets do you have? I only have one, my shardtail dragon, Phoebe

P said...

I noticed you didn't have a storm cat.
In case you don't know where you get them at, they're from Herkir, Mirkholm Keep in Gh.

I have four of them :D

Tara Darkgem said...

i have 287 pets :)