Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fwd: Party on the Test Realm - Tonight 18 May 2010

Aww man! I'm going to miss most of this! I'm headed home from a family outing. I might make the last few minutes. Hurry! Log on!

Happy Dueling!

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Begin forwarded message:

Party on the Test Realm!

The Test Realm will be coming back around 7pm Central US time. When it does, we want everyone in there all at once! We're inviting all Subscribers to log in to the Test Realm at the same time, around 7pm Central US time and stay in the Test Realm for approximately 30 minutes! Everybody jump in at once, and we'll meet you in the Pet Pavilion!

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Alric Ravensinger said...

What a crazy party lol "Everyone go catch friendly lol"

btw for people who thought it was a waste of time cause of no code did you not have fun that isn't a waste of time at all.