Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do I get experience past 50?

I have a question here from Quinn Dragonwhisper:
What happens if you're a grand and you accept quests? I know your meter is frozen but is the game still keeping track? Is doing every quest just wasting quests you could be using to get to lvl 60 or will some people just jump to lvl 60? I want to know if it's a good idea for me to do every quest.

Hi Quinn,

Yeah, I've never really worried about this, but it's true, the game is *not* still keeping track of the experience you earn past 50. When you hit the cap, you hit the cap. Some people stop doing quests entirely because of this, but Kingsisle released this note to explain some things about experiencing game content even though you're level 50. Of particular interest is the last paragraph:
If you’re close to or already at level 50, we invite you to explore Grizzleheim, the new crafting system, and the Bazaar and hope you are interested in seeing what new things we have in store for you soon.

Thank you for playing Wizard101!

People weren't wanting to play Grizzleheim because they were missing out on experience. That note seemed to be KI's way of saying fhuggedaboutit.

The only time I've seen them not allow you to get to maximum level through questing alone was way back in the beginning of the game when Mooshu was endgame. Thomas ended up stuck at level 45 until Dragonspyre was released. Sure, there were a few level 50's hanging around at that time, but that was because back in beta players could level up their characters by running instances over and over and over. This was changed so that you could only receive experience for running an instance twice. (it didn't really matter [outside of PVP] since at that time there weren't any level 48 spells)

I can't give you a solid for sure answer because, well, I don't work there. But, I'm going to give them a vote of confidence on this issue. I think we'll be able to get all the way to level 60 by the end of Celestia.

2 cents.

Happy Dueling


The Sorceress said...

Thats just kinda wrong. That would mean if you did every sidequest in game and continued past 50, you get no xp. Which means my Ice will get to 50 and not get xp for the rest of her quests.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@Sorceress: I really wouldn't worry about it if I was you...I have faith that KI will make more than enough XP available to get to 60, once Celestia is released. So you should just enjoy the adventure of the quests and not worry on how quickly you hit 50. When the cap is increased to 60 I am sure there will be enough XP available, through quests, to get you there. KI did a good job of that so far with the level 50 I see no reason why they would cut us off short while trying to get to 60.

I think you are right, Friendly. There is and will mostly likely be more than enough XP available to reach the level cap(s.) I don't worry much on losing XP, KI seems to be good at making plenty available.

I always do all the side quests up through 99% of DS when I run wizards(yes, even all those MB quests that most people hate...I actually like it...missing MB a little right now since I have no one there,) and I am usually hitting 50 around my time in the Crystal Grove, if not shortly after in The Forum. And I know it only varies because of battle XP(even though you don't get much for battles you really can level up with it if you do A LOT of extra battling, also all those collection-type quests can make a difference depending on how "lucky/unlucky" you were on collecting whatever item from the mobs that you needed to,) or if for some reason I ran a dungeon(or so) more than what was helped friends out while using that wizard, etc.

I did stop a few of my wizards on one of the later DS side quests because I just wanted to hit Mali's by that time. Usually, the only quest leftover is the last side quest with the Undead Draconians, etc. As well as I sometimes don't do much of GH either. But, really, GH gives so little XP that it would not be so hard to make that up in the future if you already did it and are(for some reason) needing it to reach opinion anyway.

I think they made GH low XP on purpose so that people wouldn't worry about leveling up too much there. They didn't want to give no XP at all there either, cause all the lower level people just starting it would feel like they were wasting their time there entirely. To actually level up, using GH quests, is a very long way to go about it. It really doesn't give enough to see a lot of progress being made...tiny increments per area compared to the other worlds of the same levels.

Cheats and Crackers said...

I feel SO sorry for my friend. She completed EVERY quest in the game, and unless Celestia gives enough experience to hit the cap just in that world, she'll never make it. :(

Alric Ravensinger said...

Sorry this has nothing to do with this topic but I finished up Bailey's picture check Diary of a Wizard :)

Anonymous said...

friendly, do you know when the pet expansion will go live?

Anonymous said...

thx for answering friendly i guess i'll do some of the quests left over now

-Quinn Dragonwhisper

MacaroniMan17 said...

Is there going to be another Zeke quest in Celestia? Wouldn't you also get two more training points when you can get up to level 60 (another for 55, then for 60)? Do you think they'll come up with another name for lvl 60 people , and just make "grandmaster" 50-59?

SorionHex said...

That's actually one of the goals I have right now. To be one of the few players who have finished every single quest in game until the release of a new world and what not. I'm down to the crafting quests. =) And I don't mind the EXP. Celestia quests will be designed to give enough EXP to hit 60 and it obviously will give more than ANY current quests available in game now. =)

Gorman SwiftMancer said...

Hey Friendly! Love the blog! This is a question I have about secondary schools. I am a Death Wizard, and I can't seem to pick a secondary school. I am currently level 36, and I use Life as my secondary. Now, I don't really ever use the spells (mostly because of Power pip advantage), and I don't really use the healing spell either. In the past I've had fire, and that was ok, I guess. But anyway, what is a decent secondary school for me to switch to? Is there one that you prefer? Thanks Gorman SwiftMancer