Monday, May 31, 2010

What stats will a pet earn from leveling?

Question from Paul:
Hey friendly, it's me Paul, again. I have a question, When you level up your pet from teen to adult, etc. what stats does it earn? Earlier today I got my hydra to adult and now it gives me + 2% balance attack plus the stats it already gives. So if my pet was a baby, will it give a card, then at teen, a stat, then at adult another stat, and so on? Can you find out what happens?

Ok, so this is a bit confusing and we've been talking a bit about this on my blog already, but let me try to just explain the basics here.

When you get a brand new baby egg pet and it hatches, what you will find is a new baby rank pet with only one point in each stat.

Hi baby ice salamander!

These stats are interesting; you have strength, intellect, agility, will, and power. Each one of these stats will affect your pet differently and in multiple ways. (thus why it's confusing) If you roll over the stat with your mouse, it tells you what it does. I've stitched together these below:

So, let's pretend I level my ice salamander to teen.

Um, ok, so let's just level my ice salamander to teen.

Hi Teen Ice Salamander!

So, now that he's leveled to teen, he manifested one talent and one derby skill. (He will continue doing that until he can't level anymore because his stats are maxed.) So, just to be clear, each time your pet levels you get one out of ten possible talents and one out of ten possible derby skills. How they manifest is random unless your baby egg came from two adult or higher pets, then they will have a greater chance to manifest the talents that the parents had manifested.

Lucky me, I manifested the ice salamander's one ultra rare derby skill. Debatably lucky me, I manifested one of King Elvis's uncommon pet talents.

Hearty adds 25 points to my strength skill, and Big Hurry adds +30 speed every 40 seconds (which means King Elvis is going to rock the teen derby scene big time.)


Let's play pop quiz!!!!

1- Had I manifested a skill that gives +mana, which traits would benefit my pet most? If you answered Intellect, Will, and Power, then you get a gold star!

Here's another . . .

2- Had I manifested a skill that gives +accuracy, which traits would benefit my pet most? If you answered Intellect, Agility, and Power, then you get YET ANOTHER gold star!

It's your lucky day, star collector!

This is fun, let's try again . . .

3- Had I manifested a skill that gives me +damage, which traits would benefit my pet most? If you said Strength, Will, and Power, then YOU JUST GOT ALL THREE STARS! WOOT!

If we look at King Elvis's stats, you can see that his maximum strength went from 75 to 100 because of his hearty talent. His strength was a little low, so that isn't the worst skill in the world.

In the end, I'm predicting that derby racing will probably be King Elvis's forte, but with his low overall stats, it probably would be better for me to keep him a teen for racing purposes and work mostly on his intellect so he can use his derby cheer while running on cobblestone and clay surfaces . . .

Hopefully in a round a bout way, I've answered your question. All pets have potential and since this system is so new, we're just now trying to discover what the possible talents are going to be. This is why the petnome project is so important. I really want to encourage everyone to keep filling out the petnome database everytime they discover a new talent on a pet. It'll help us know more about what our pets *could* become. For now though, it's basically a mystery.

Keep up the good work!

Happy Dueling!


Andrew Firerider said...

I'd like to race you in the Pet Derby sometime. My pet helephant is also ruling the derby lol. And he's only a teen so far.

You would probably win though.

MycinWilddust said...

Hey Friendly, I was wondered exactly how the best way to ask you a question is. I saw that you had a gadget (in previous blog postsu) that the questioner could simply type in their question, but I don't know where it is! If it still does exist, could you tell me (and everyone else) how to get there? If not, then how can we ask you a question otherwise? Thanks, Mycin Wildust

M.W.S said...

Thanks for the awesome post! ;D

Anonymous said...

When you hatch a pet, do you loose the pets that you hatched from or do you keep them?

Miguel Wildthorn said...

Click on the link "the Petnome database.

Miguel Wildthorn said...

We get to keep the parent.