Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You're Welcome!

They're listening!

. . . and you know what, sometimes it warrants a blog post instead of a bug report. I think this was one of those cases for me. I'm thinking either a few things will be clarified or maybe even improved. Thanks readers for pitching in your voices!

Happy Dueling!


JGoof said...

I have been playing this game since early beta and if there is one thing to say about KI is that they have excellent two way communication with their players. And it's one of the keys of their success.

Next month will be the beginning of my third year in Wizard City. And since my first day, KI was listening.

Can't wait to know what the changes will be...

Heather Emeraldflame said...

It will be interesting to see exactly WHAT they have been listening to.

I wonder how long the test realm might go on? I hope for a while because even after we see what they do I am sure there will need to be more said before the expansion goes Live.

I really don't want to have to bid this game good-bye and bury it, so I really do hope they are listening to EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic!
Glad to know (as if I didn't already) that KI is listening and cares!

Matthew said...

check it out!

Some Minor Changes to the Test Realm

Based on your feedback and taking a look at the bug reports that have come in, we've made some preliminary adjustments, including:
fixed many of the crash issues
lowered the Pet Energy regeneration time
added WASD key support to the minigames
resolved the 'Your partner has left' issue with the Hatchery
fixed some issues with loss of control in the Derby
corrected many of the pet talent discrepancies

Richard Shadowstaff said...

Well I am very glad KI is listening because lots of games never do :(