Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pet Expansion Night 1 Live

First, let me just thank all of you who sent me messages asking how I liked the new pet expansion. I had fun last night too be sure.

I ended up playing around with three pets mostly.

First, Queen Abbey my ice cat was an absolutely STAR on the racetrack for me.

I played a number of derby games and ended the night with a rank of Pet Knight, which also meant that I could buy my new buddy, Duke Harry! haha!

You have to have a rank of Pet Veteran to purchase him, but he's awesome. Just like the Grizzleheim boars, he does a little circle dance every once in a while.


3- I'm starting that slow and steady grind of leveling my wraith up to adult. Mister Brandy was doing pretty good on the dance floor last night and we ended up half-way through his teenage years.

I didn't spend any crowns on additional pet energy.

4- I made sure to run over to Mildred to pick up my new Strangle spell as well.

Oh, that could make Malistaire fights fun. :-)

And that pretty much rounded out the night for me. Did you guys do anything special or fun last night? I hope you had a blast!

Happy Dueling!


Kestrel said...

Is the stiped boar (and the other pets from Nigel whatshisname) for PET arena tickets or regular, or both? Just wondering...

Michael said...

You are ahead of me by one rank, almost there!

M.W.S said...

Oh, they took away the unbalance one kids were complaining heck a lot...

Looks you and the pig guy were abt to engage in combat!

Job well done Friendly! ;D

Wolf Winterstaff said...

I'm not sure that there is actually a distinction. Is there? I didn't spend much time on test realm.

Honorary Detective said...

HEY NECRO! I have something for you to post! Rattlebones now drop the myth sprite AND 1 day seraph wings live! I got one and I was so surprised! I didn't get a photo in time, but I'll fight some more and try to get another one for a snapshot. :)

Sierra Starsong said...

Glad you had fun, and thanks for the reminder about Mildred's new spells.

Sadly the new graphics engine doesn't seem compatible with my laptop. I don't have Bloom (it's greyed out), smoothing & shadows off, particles all the way down, all lowest settings (except brightness). All I get in the Commons & Pet Pavilion is a blank background, no NPCs or objects, and a bunch of red "doll" placeholders for player-controlled wizards & pets. At best my own wizard finally loads, but then I'm floating around on an invisible mount. (Nice to see the weeks spent gold farming to buy it paid off.) The cannon game's just a blank background & controls, no cannon, no obstacles or targets. Once I did get the Cannon game to load by coming back after a restroom stop, the second try in the same area sat there for twelve full minutes before I gave up.

I had the same troubles with the Test Realm version, but I had hoped it would be fixed in Live.

Grayson said...

I was able to get my Ice Salamander halfway through his baby years. I was also able to Dance my Rain Colossus halfway through Teen. Finally, I'm trying to get my (insert pet species here) almost to Adult. Hehe, I will try to edit this post when I get home.

12th Nightmare said...

Hey Friendly,
I didn't get to play much last night but I did take screencaps of the talents/abilities my pets started out with. I'll post them some time tonight.

I was surprised a bit by some of the schools the pets belonged to. That the snowmen would be Ice was no surprise, but my pioneer dragon turned out to be fire which I wasn't really expecting.

Blaze Silverfist said...

I spent some intense fun-time with you! ;D

I hope you had a great time checking everything out, I know I did.

See you around!

Your friend,

the noob on the tube said...

Hi, where would i submit questions? is there like, a throne room or cryss=tal ball somewhere?

Lenora NightWraith said...

I've spent the last 2 days leveling up slowly on my Dangerhound and farming for some new pets. So far I've been pretty lucky, got a storm snake, boss banshee, and skeletal warrior all in the span of a day. I'm not stopping until I have them all mwahahahahaha! Ummm, yeah lol. The frost cat seems to be a pro on the track. I've only raced mine a couple of times but came in first and second every time.

Chris said...

Wait... There are new spells? How did I miss that?

Are there more besides what Mildred has?

mystic22 said...

Hey Friendly, love the blog, (and the gobbler pet I won, woot!). Anyways, I was wondering if pets could run loose in the dorm rooms, if so, how can you let them loose? Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm working on getting my pet to ancient and epic. I like the dance game the best, and I craft all my own food cards for like 100 a piece, so it doesn't go very slow.