Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where can I get/buy rugs?

Question here from Mr. Eric Goldenflame
friendly i was asking if you can tell me where you can buy rugs the rug i am looking for is called the long blue runner or something but all rugs would help i want to do the leap of faith from evil thurgist

Oh yeah, I remember watching that video! This is back from August:

It's all about the floating furniture! I've talked about this before (I used Chessboards and a small rug myself).

To answer your question specifically, you probably will have the best success buying the long blue runner from the Bazaar since you can only obtain this rug from completing the "Beat the Kraken" quest. In fact, I'm looking at the bazaar right now under the decoration tab and Long Blue Runners are overstocked at 100 quantity for 220 gold.

Here's my list of rugs (I do believe there are a few rugs from grizzleheim I am missing)

Hope that helps you on your quest to make your own leap of faith!

Happy Dueling!


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oh! DIVE!!! I'm so proud of myself for finding the reference :D

The Overachieving Necromancer said...

I was able to get that orange symbol rug from Foulgaze also.

Hope this helps Mr. EricGoldenflame