Friday, March 19, 2010

Housing Item of the Day--Dog Pilot Painting

We get a special Housing Item of the Day today from Heather aka Kaitlyn Dunerider!
Hi, Friendly!

I have commented on your blog a couple times, my name is Heather. I have quite a few wizards, 3 accounts, 9 Grands, and a few others I am working on.

Well, I just wanted to let you know about this housing item, maybe you can add it to your list one day. I am not sure if you knew about it, but I didn't see it listed. It's called "Marleybonian Pilot Painting," though when it dropped it said "Dog Pilot Painting."

It dropped from Sprockets in Counterweight East. Here is a pic of it with my newest balance wiz, Kaitlyn Dunerider(as you can tell by the rat magician, she had fun with Sprockets as far as the drops were going.) I was really happy to get this painting as I had just commented to a friend, while in Air Dale's, visiting Croaky for a spell, that I wished I could have that painting. I didn't even know it was available for a drop so I was very pleasantly surprised by this :)

Hey! Very cool find and thanks for thinking to send this to me. I appreciate it!

My list of housing items is lacking a number of the new items and some of the items from Grizzleheim. If I can get some spare time in I will definitely update it and include this awesome find as well.

Happy Dueling!

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Heather said...

Your're welcome, Friendly! And thanks for posting on it too! :)

-Heather (aka Kaitlyn Dunerider, Heather Emeraldflame(my fav/old storm wiz,)Danielle Thunderblade, Heather Winterbane, Savannah Icewraith, Heather Sandwalker, Keira Willowsong, Taryn Griffinhaven, Heather Fireslinger, Heather Jadeblade,Heather Nightshade(Death...gotta have a death wiz, right? Also Alric Dreamhaven..yes, a guy wizard...the girls needed who knows who is next!)

p.s. This is why I never sign my wizard names in the forums...haha!