Monday, March 29, 2010

Two-Man Briskbreeze Tower Run

So the other day I got a really nice e-mail from Kevin Battleblood who told me how he came to find my blog and caught me up on what he was doing. One of the things he'd been doing was filming a two-man Briskbreeze Tower run.

I have read about a couple others who have completed a two-man Briskbreeze tower run, but tales of the two-man Briskbreeze are few and far between. It's a notable accomplishment in game.

Kevin has a seven part video series of the entire Briskbreeze tower run that he narrates over on Youtube. I found particular value in a little piece of knowledge I gained from video number 5 at 2:28 seconds in. Check it out!

"The reason why we use Spiritual Blades (he meant Spiritual Traps) is as you're seeing, it only removes the life trap . . ."

*lights go off in my head*

Oh yeah, I'm definitely going to use that to our advantage in the Death Breeze Event for Ravenwood Radio.

Thanks for the videos, Kevin!

Happy Dueling!


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I wonder what the best school combo would be for a 2-man run? Life for healing, and death maybe? Storm for most power to kill quickly?

Sierra Starsong said...

My husband and I did a successful two-man run with a death/life combo, with his Necromancer taking the first slot in the two biggest battles. He did all the damage, I was strictly healing & support - spirit blades, absorbs, rebirth, etc.

My life wiz is still my only one to beat the final boss. Sierra finished the quest by talking to Culpepper before the final fight, but then we lost.

Amber RosePetal said...

I did a two-man run once with a random Grandmaster and nearly died-but made it. It's quite hard but it's a challenge you should try. :)

M.W.S said...

Look at central Christo Deathgiver has a nice guide. I hope all you death students don't die!

Also what program do you use? Gimp? Um, Paint etc... For the header?!

My2Cents said...

Cool! Sorry for spamming, but I'm leaving a comment with this link for a friend to pick up. Sorry :(

Anonymous said...

Wow, thats cool!

Taji34 said...

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Morgrim said...

He always takes off the last one in the series, I think. That means Life and Storm lose their trap out of the three.