Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wall Glitch in The Great Spyre?

Ronan Dawnhead found a reason for me to bring out the glitch dog yet again:
There is a wall in the Great Spyre, by Tumok Gravelbeard, that you can walk through. It has an arch in front of it so it is easier to see.
If you give credit, my name is Ronan Dawnhead
Hi peoples

Well, I had to go check this out for myself, and yup, there's a glitch alright!




This actually is a really cool glitch. Here's the spot you enter through the wall.

It's just up the first right ramp as you enter into Tumok Gravelbeard's area and then back through the ruins there. All of a sudden you get to see through the wall and be on the backside of Dragon's Maw.

It's really cool back there! You can run all along that area. It's a pretty open space. I felt like I could open up taco stand back there.

I mean, who wouldn't want a taco on the way to defeat Malistaire, right? MONEY!

Thanks for the tip, Ronan, it was a fun one to check out!

Happy Dueling!


jesse ^_^ said...

actually i would agree friendly I like tacos a lot that be a dream come true if that was there and wow very umm interesting dog maybe you should buy another dog for the glitch lol jk. i am being to mean to the glitch dog.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

That's very cool...and I will take two tacos, no

I will have to visit Malistaire's whenever I get back to my own computer and home in a few days.I don't trust doing anything too big on this little laptop(*hates laptops*)...lucky to do any battling at all on this one...haha!

122ninjas said...

Thanks for the credit Friendly! Your website is awesome! Oh BTW I would like 2 tacos.

Ronan Dawnhead a.k.a. 122ninjas! Hi peoples!