Saturday, March 13, 2010

Malifest is Today!

BOOMZA! So, you all know what's going down in a few hours, right?

I was kindly asked by Steve and Leesha of Ravenwood Radio to join their group as we destroy Malistaire for their first time.

It's so epic! Of course, any time Fallon is involved in something it's going to be epic, and SHE IS! IT IS NOW EPIC!

Me? I'm just going to be there to raise the charisma quotient. (old D&D joke)

Leesha will be running a live video stream of the event, so you can tune in and watch the fight go down from her perspective. Heck! Even help her choose which cards to play! Hopefully this will rock just like the live Smash and Bash event did.

. . . and I will try to be good. Part of me wants to dress like Nolan and only cast the mythbat spell (mythbat fest '10), but I will do my best to not be too obnoxious. ;-) We'll be chatting it up and goofing off, so expect some hilarity. :-)

Hope to see you there at the following times:

11 am pacific
Noon mountain
1 pm central
2 pm eastern

You'll be sure to see some . . .



Fallon Shadowblade said...

Today I predict the tide of necromancers will best Malistaire with ease. This will be SO MUCH FUN! With our combined decks, the death pests will drop like locusts (or mythbats?) w00t! See you soon my friendly friend!! PLOX!

M.W.S said...

That seems fun you necromancers enjoy yourselves not too much deadly violence ok?


Anonymous said...

Dang it! I'm going to the movies and I'm leaving at 1:15 or so.

Sierra Starsong said...

Bring a designated prism driver. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I can't WAIT! I never see these live, BUT today I can! It's gonna rock!
It will rock. No doubt!

Anonymous said...

thomas are you the son of malistare

Matthew said...

nice job thomas! i have some video of the after-party that I'm gonna put up on diary of a wizard once it finishes encoding (1080p takes FOREVER!)