Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not Accepting Questions for a Bit

Hey all!

I hope this isn't received as bad news, but I really need to put a stop to the questions for a bit. I'm going to remove that widget on the side of my blog with my e-mail address. I'm a week and a half behind, and to be honest, I kind of need a break from answering questions after I answer these last few in my inbox. I know that kind of seems like my "thing" on this blog, but it's getting to the point where I can't answer all that I have on my docket, and I hate to appear like I'm "ignoring" questions.

I've thought a little bit about changing how I handle the question answering though, and I wanted to get your opinion. Perhaps what I could do instead of giving you "the friendly answer," is just put the question up for my readers to answer in the comments. I don't know, maybe we could try one and see how it goes? Thoughts? Perhaps you all could blog an answer to the question and add a link to your blog here?

Also, I kind of feel a little "stifled" by really only sticking to answering questions all the time. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE ANSWERING QUESTIONS! I love it because I learn so much in the process, and I feel like I'm giving back to the community. I just need a break from it.

Thanks for your thoughts in advance!

Happy Dueling!


witchwarrior said...

you do need a break.
just need some refuel answering juice

Heather Emeraldflame said...

It's understandable, and this is YOUR blog, so you should have some fun with it in whatever way that is :)

I'd be happy just to hear your opinions on things, your story in your adventures, and if you still feel like answering questions for people at some point then that's sweet as well!

I think you should try and see how it goes with what you said. I'm sure you have a life outside of Wizard that needs some attention as well and you can't be the W101 answer and testing committee all by yourself. It has been fun reading the questions and such though, so it's been appreciated!

BaileyBaxter said...

Ooh I do like that idea. I considered putting something like that on my bog or maybe with the real me answering questions, but then I thought how much more talented you are at answering viewers questions :P

But it is true, you probably do need a break. You have been blogging for a long time, and a well-honored blogger deserves a well-earned break. Even though I did just send you a question today that will be patiently waiting to be answered, I can let that go. It is a pretty easy answer to find out so I can find out on my own.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you for posting something new each day to keep us attached to your blog. Your work amazes and inspires me and many others and we all hope you continue for eternity. Thanks Friendly, you're the best!!
-Natalie Crowshard

SorionHex said...

- takes it as negative news - Just kidding xD Yeah man, you need a break, a question each day for a year = 365 questions. xD And sometimes you do double posts, which would mean about 600+ questions O.O I was thinking of doing something like that user answers thing too, glad to see I'm not the only one >_>

Fred Firepants said...

hmm... sounds like a good idea! XD

(If I ever got that many questions I would like, keel over O.O)

Jessica said...

X bows to the great friendly necromancer X You truly deserve the title of the Friendly Necromancer. Thanks for answering all our questions, even the unanswerable ones! My favorite past time is to go back and look at all your posts. I think they're unquestionably amazing, to put it mildly. (Is that a real word?)

Sierra Starsong said...

Too much stuff to do, not enough time, I'm right there with you! {{hugs}} Asking for reader feedback's a great idea, so is sparking posts on other blogs.

You might do a Question of the Week, pick the most interesting one to answer, or whichever one you feel like blogging about, or the most asked, or just one at random.

One thing I've learned playing this game is you don't have to do everything alone. Let us jump into your battle circle and help out.

Destiny Nightrider said...

Hey Friendly,
You most definately deserve a break. I know I have asked a couple of questions and you have been great about responding. I can see that as the game gets more popular you are getting busier. So let us die hard Wizards, answer if we know the answers to the questions. Rest Up, I agree with Sierra's comment.