Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How do you get out of bounds?

Question here from the indelible Morgrim Wraith:
As I asked in a post on Ravenwood Radio's forum:

How are some people getting outside of the normal, walkable areas? I see them in Olde Towne behind the bars of the stream near the crafting trainer. Yesterday I saw someone outside the wall in the Elik's Edge part of the shopping district. Of course, no one ever says how they got there, and eventually a bunch of folks are teleporting to join the first. Are they using some kind of hack program to clip through barriers? Should this be reported?

Morgrim Wraith

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This is a perfect post for my readers to try and answer! Why? Because I have no idea.

Let me give you my search path of where I've looked:
Search for elik's edge over at central.
Kestrel's blog talks about it.
Youtube search for Elik's Edge
Alex talks about how to fly off the edge (but not how to get back there)

And that's all I got . . .


I've been out there one time for a party, and I can do the "fly off the edge" trick that Alex talks about . . . but I have no clue how to get out there in the first place.


Rock on.

Happy Dueling!


Heather Emeraldflame said...

No idea. I'm the same as you, I can do the "flying trick" but how they actually got over there I have no clue. Kids are good at finding that stuff though as so many of them don't keep subbed, really can't, so they get bored and find these little glitches while hanging out wherever they can

alex deathshade said...

well, click the ALEX LINK and it will tell you. also you go back when you stop using the up arrow. some of my friends run through really random walls all the time.

Artur Greenvault said...

I'm not sure if it works the same way but, at my friends house we can go off in the air really far and come back. I believe thats when you meant when you said the "flying trick". But other than the screen holding and jiggling I'm not sure.

John said...

near elik's edge there are two houses just far apart enough for you to squeeze through, you can get behind the walls in the whole section of the shopping district, i have been there. i got a glitch once when i was on with a friend and it looked like he walked through a wall on my screen but he told me he did not(i know him in real life) don't know about flying though.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking (and trying) all day for a glitch that works. My friend Jason Fire breeze showed me a few but I want more XD, find me I am Ashley night level 18!!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D