Monday, March 15, 2010

Where's this magic wall in the Necropolis?

Glitch report from Cassandra!
Freindly, call the glitch dog! I found a glitch! In the upper left corner of the Necropolis there is a pillar/wall you can go through! We need this fixed!


THAT'S A GOOOOOOD GLITCHY! (picture lifted from the LA Times article here)

GASP! When Cassandra told me about this glitch I had to see it for myself, so she brought me over to the Necropolis and we hung out in my new favorite spot in the game:

You can do that whole man stuck in cement thing here.

Or use it to your advantage:

Or stare out into eternity:

Thanks for the glitch report Cassandra! Who knows! Perhaps KI will fix this one when they get wind of it. In the meantime, HIDE AND SEEK IN THE NECROPOLIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

Happy Dueling!


David Frostcrafter said...

HEY! lol i found this glitch before, i was waiting for a friend to help me in the labyrinth so i ran around and found this, notice if you go back the other way the wall is solid :D

Anonymous said...

Um, I think your fans are gonna attack you now since they know where you hide. Good luck escaping the catastrophe.

PS: Good thing you didn't say the realm and area :)

122ninjas said...

BTW there is another wall bug like that at Tumok Gravelbeard in the Great Spyre. One of the walls is walkable through. There is an arch in front of the wall like it was meant for there.

witchwarrior said...

glad I could help!
I could hide there in case of dogpiles xD

Garrett Dayhand said...

Uh friendly i am not sure it is a good idea telling everyone where your secret hide out is. I mean then all of your fans are gonna know where you are.

M.W.S said...


Nails said...

Hey Stinger, I got some questions that I was wondering that couldnt be answered ANYWHERE else. So, I was viewing the Death Oni Wikia page, and saw 2 particuler drops. One was a Kanyo Diggit and a Ring of Ice Awesome. Are these real or made up? Thanks for the time. ~Nails

Destiny StormStone said...

LOVE glitchy!!!
awesome glitch dog

alex deathshade said...

nails, i know that the marley bone ring of awesome or something like that is real, and the diggit thing was a ghoul pet that was renamed, ghoul, very creative name!

i am not friendly but i am