Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are Briskbreeze Tower Rings Going to be Tradeable?

Destiny has a question!
hey friendly :)
do you know if the BriskBreeze Tower rings are ever gonna be tradeable?
we heard that they were going to be tradeable soon. we were wondering if you could confirm it.
Destiny Deathgem

Hi Destiny,

Well I asked! The first go around she confirmed not exactly what you're asking for; Professor Greyrose did confirm however that trading items other than Treasure Cards will NOT be implemented into Wizard101. So I asked again after that and tried to clarify that I was asking about particularly the "no auction" "no trade" status of the items. And nope, no further information other than she noted that you can sell those rings still at the regular shopkeepers.

Sorry Destiny! Looks like it shall remain a rumor!

On a side note, you do all realize why they don't allow trading items other than treasure cards right? That, my friends, is the doorway to selling items for money by third party companies . . . companies out of KI's control . . . companies that want your money and your parent's credit card number.

In most MMOs, they have horrific problems with gold sellers. Imagine buying a Malistaire Robe for 20 bucks through a third party vendor, and I think you'll see my point. It ends up ruining the game and you end up with spam all over your screen that puts the "cards for wings" people in Wizard City Commons to shame. I'm still getting e-mail in my inbox occasionally from people who want to sell me gold in EQ, and I was playing that game like 10 years ago. Amazing. I for one, would rather not open up Pandora's Box on Wizard101.

Happy Dueling!


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Heather Emeraldflame said...

Yeah, that is crazy on the "no trade" ever thing. I played Free Realms for a bit, before it got so overrun and got really lame...not to mention that game you can plow through in a minute so it gets boring real But they did allow trading of all kinds of items and game coin and I never had a problem on there. And even the few times I have went back to see if anything was new, I still didn't see any problems with people being like that.

I really wish, what they would do, is make a "family shared bank." That way all accounts on a family account could share items. To use it one family member/wizard account could put an item in that section of the bank and another family member/wizard on another account in the family could pick it up. I'd love to be able to give some items on my older accounts to my newer ones too. Like I really wish I could have my Balance Grand give my Magus Balance the Krokotillian pet...she has been trying to get that for a while now and I wish she could have it while it might still be somewhat useful...and the way I play that time is short, she will be up in the Master levels before long, I'm sure.

I also wish they would add in a section to the shared bank/family shared bank for reagents. I do a LOT of crafting and would love to let my main crafters take advantage of what the others pick up. Otherwise a lot of what my others carry around is just extra junk to keep info on in the system, cause I don't sell reagents unless I hit the

I'm not overly impressed with those rings from Briskbreeze, but that's just me. They don't give any mana, so I am guessing those who want them must like them for PvP. As I have said before I am not a PvP player myself, don't even like the thought of it. Though I do keep the rings from there mainly as a "collection piece," like some other kinda cool gear I've come across. But those rings, along with some other items, like all those level 30 staffs in MB, why can't they be tradeable between characters that are at least on the same account? I don't see a good reason for this, it seems very nit-picky to me :-/

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I have, in fact, seen Atlantis Squarepantis. Ugh. Why didn't they name it something other than CELESTIA if it's underwater?