Monday, March 22, 2010

Do you have some tips for 20th level life wizards?

Question here from Silverheart!
Hey Friendly,
I have been playing on my level 22 life wizard trying to level her to 25 but battles take for ever! I am doing my best with deck set up but still not going well. Any tips because I really don't know what I am doing.
Ok, cool. I've actually played two life wizards past this point and you know what I did? I didn't solo. hehe. BUT, let me take a closer look at this and see what I might be able to do to help.

1- Life trap. This is an absolute must for Life Wizards. They suffer from the same low damage problem that ice magic does. Luckily for you, you can pick this spell up at level 10 from Mildred Farseer (the hidden trainer) on Colossus Boulevard. This is going to add +25% damage. Since you've turned 22, be sure to concentrate on using Seraph for damage. Seraph's base damage is 335 to 395. With a trap it is 419 to 494. That should almost kill everything in krokotopia.

2- Treasure Cards. I'm a firm believer in stacking your deck for success . . . and that means tresure cards. Either load your sideboard full of heals or kills and use them to add predictability in your game. If you know you need a heal and your sideboard is stocking with nothing but heals, then you know what to do. Or conversely, if you have 3 pips and need to cast a seraph, then if your sideboard is stocked with them, you'll know exactly what to do. Draw from your treasure cards and lay the smack down!

Now, these next suggestions have a little to do with your deck setup, but a little bit more about dressing for success. Some gear add cards to your inventory, and when you're talking damage percentages, every little bit helps.

3- Crown Clothes. If you can afford to get crown clothes, there's three items in particular that might be of interest to you. Footgear of Malediction, Ascendant Staff (or if you can hold out till 25--Phosphorescent Maul), and one of the pets with a dragonblade on it.

That combination is not cheap. The pet you will have to buy from a store with a gift card (as I'm sure you know, it's random what pet has what card, so check the gift card page often). The other stuff is going to set you back 5,000+ for the shoes and 2,500 to 3,500 for the weapons as long as they are still on sale. They'll all make things go faster for you, but it'll cost you real money . . . and in the end, you don't really NEED them, you just WANT them. So, do with that what you will.

4- Bazaar Sniping. There's nothing better than successfully buying the best clothes you can get for your level right when you get your level. Head to the bazaar at level 20 and try to find the gear with the highest hitpoint, power pip, and damage combination you can buy. Ignore accuracy and shielding stats for now. Don't forget to modify the colors so you get the best deal for the clothes!

Since you're theoretically wearing footgear of the Malediction from suggestion number 2, then these might interest you for your hat and robe slots.

Also note that you are right around the corner from another power boost with clothing. Level 25 has some amazing clothes available to you.

5- Secondary class. I don't know what your secondary is, but if you're seeking big damage at level 22, then perhaps the power of a meteor strike would interest you. It's a damage-all-targets spell available to you at level 22 in the fire school. It's base damage is 305 to 345 to all targets. That's almost as much as your seraph right there. Add a dragonblade from a pet and that jumps to 397 to 449 to all targets.

If you don't want to do that, then be sure to grab spirit trap from Niles which will give you a stackable trap to add to your arsenal. (You'll eventually want to get this either way as well as spirit blade at level 25)

6- Hurry through Krokotopia. If you stick to the main storyline in Krokotopia and don't do any side quests, then at the end of Krokotopia you will receive your life blade spell for completing the Krokosphinx. That's a whopping extra 40% damage to your life spells right there. That's huge. THEN go back and finish the side quests in Krokotopia, so you can get your levels.

And that's about all I got this morning (I'm out of time and need to wrap things up here LOL). Readers fill in the gaps please! /hug

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

Nice. Btw, in paragraph 2 you spelled treasure wrong...

Sierra Starsong said...

I started to respond here but realized I was getting pretty wordy, so I've posted my Life tips over on my own blog:

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Not sure if you meant 4 pips, not 3 for Seraph...or if you meant to say to strike next round, when you have 4 pips? Seraph is 4 pips Nature's Wrath is 3, but I'm sure you know that...just wasn't sure where you were going

Anyway, like Sierra, my answer got wordy and I have posted my tips/thoughts on my own blog as well. I just started that blog so anyone that reads it please cut me a I hope to get it looking a little more interesting at some point, but definitely not possible from where I am right now.

the sorcerer supreme said...

Every school can get triple stat-boosting clothes from the Bazaar at level 20. Health, pips and attack are your best friends, no matter what your level. If you have another high level wizard, go farm bosses in Mooshu and Dragonspyre and give the simple items obtained to your Life character. If not, life usually has pretty cheap color combinations anyways. Using that philosophy, my lvl. 22 Death has 1600 something health and almost 50% power pips. That's just my two cents :P

Garett Dayhand said...

Friendly I found a really great poem about wizard101. Please post it on your site. I think it is awesome.
A Poem for Wizard101

We are the wizards that shall save
The spiral facing threats so grave
A single man hands us a test
We fight and fight to be the best

Malistaire, our greatest foe
He threatens us but we will show
We are fearless, we are strong
With our spells we move along

Through a city filled with wizards
To a street thats struck by blizzards
To a land that is like Egypt
Track him down, can he not see it?

We will not stop, we’re not alone
We’ll follow you to Marleybone
We meet you there and then you flee
A coward who has cats fight me

You taint the beautiful Mooshu
We heal that place but where are you?
Off to DS where the ends shall meet
We shall find you and we will beat

Your threats will end you evil man
Leave us now, embrace death’s hand
You have lost, we have won

smvb said...

My last startup wizard was a life wizard, and he is now in Mooshu--I think ready to go to the Village of Sorrow. I soloed A LOT. The dragonblade from the pets offered around the holidays helped a lot. (I don't think those pets are going to be in the normal rotation. My impression was that they were only offered during the holidays.)

I do not use traps much, preferring to focus on blades, since I use my minion a lot. Although she has some annoying points, I feel like I can concentrate on doing damage more often, since I don't have to heal myself as often. And the guiding lights she gives me boost the heals I do cast. (I actually like casting successive pixies with guiding lights to heal when regular pips show up, using my power pips for damage spells.)

smvb said...

Sprites. I meant the one-pip sprites, not pixies.