Sunday, March 21, 2010

March contest rundown!

Man there are just a lot of cool contests going on right now. Here's a quick rundown of them in case you haven't caught wind of them through your other Wizard101 information sources:

1- Game Review Network is laying down 5000 crowns for six winners. YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT! (This contest will end on Saturday 03/27/09 at 11:59 pm est)

2- There's a year or six-month subscription up for grabs from our friends at Ravenwood Radio. They give details on how to win these things in their most recent podcast. (It's around the 52:00 minute mark shhh) Time is ticking down on this contest, but you still have some time (winners announced in Episode 13 of Ravenwood Radio). Hop on it ASAP!

3- Over on Facebook, Wizard101 is holding a castles and mounts sweepstakes where you could win a myth house or a few other mounts! You basically just have to enter the sweepstakes and answer a few details. Easy. You should do this one before March 31st.

4- The Brave Pyromancer is holding a contest where he's giving away one of the new weapons. He just wants to share an e-mail with him showing off some creative writing about Wizard101. Click here for details.

. . . and I think that's about it. It seems like there's a lot going on in the gift giving arena right now, so if you know of a recent promotion that I've missed, please leave a note in the comments for all of us to see!

Happy Dueling!

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Anonymous said...

Hey FN. I heard of some wierd glitches with the wing mounts, and I found some interesting links to them. Here is a rare case of "Hermes Wing Shoes": And now, "Hermes Helmet Wings": Someone should try the head wing glitch with the ds hat with wings on them!