Saturday, March 27, 2010

Does the Hat of Winter Still Drop?

Question from Wolf Winterstaff:
Hey Friendly! My name is Wolf Winterstaff, and I have a question.

Does Jacque the Scratcher still drop the hat of winter? I only found mention in Ironhawks guide to Marleybone, but I need it for my outfit. I can't seem to get it, even after farming for a while. Does he drop it, and if not, do you know where I can find something similar?

I had no idea, so I took my trio over to Jacques and settled down for what I was sure would be an hour long session of farming.

Much to my surprise, the Wizard101 Luck Charm is with me! The Hat of Winter dropped for me on my first try.

Too bad it's No Auction or I would have arranged a time to meet so you could Bazaar Snipe it.

Speaking of the Bazaar, I did find one other hat that kind of looks like The Hat of Winter there. It doesn't have the cool ice school symbol on it, but it is the jester hat look.

It's the cold forged helm!

Hope that helps and good luck farming!

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

*Sigh* Too bad girls can't get the fun Jester style hats, on me that would be one of those silly pixie hats, like a pointy hat that curls up and over to one side. (I've got a crown hat the same shape, both boys and girls wore it and it looked dorky on the girls.)

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@Sierra: I am with you on that. I can't stand the girl-style jester hats. I never wanted a candy cane on my head :(
One of the reasons I ever made a guy wizard was so I could get the cool hats and stuff they have.I have had a lot of fun running Alric with all the different styles he has been able to wear that my girls can't.

&Friendly: lol...probably got it so quick cause you were not Ice ;)
Most always seems to be the way things drop; you can't get what is your own school stuff if it's something cool...or at least it takes

Samantha Drake-Roseheart said...

My Ice needs the stats lol.