Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pet of the Day--Krokotillian

Today we are celebrating those crazy Kroks from Krokotopia, the Krokotillian pet! Stash away your piggles of yesterday and pull out your Kroks from your bank, it's a krokolicious type of a day! Check out this exclusive concept art from KI!

What's that? You don't know where to get one of these fine specimens? Well, you can get a generic one from the Spiral's biggest non-secrety secret, the secret island shop in The Oasis of Krokotopia.

Oh, just look at the gals having fun with their little snappers.

The only thing here that's different is that Iridian's little snapper is actually called a "Krokotillian" instead of a "Krok" like Myrna and Bailey's little snappers. And to make matters even more confusing the "Krokotillian" used to be called an "Osiris Papyrus," but let's not get too fancy here with name calling.

Whether you call your little dude "King Rocky," "Rufus," "Baby Louie," or some other lovable name, you can buy your Krok from Sed Talam in the secret shop for the bargain price of 1515 gold (no additional colors are available)

The "Krokotillian" version of this pet is a rare drop from Meowiarty and comes complete with an awesome Krokotillian balance damage card that does 315 balance damage for 3 pips.

They're both magestic and lovable at the same time . . . and have a lot of teeth to clean! So, get out your pet's tooth brush today and polish their smile!

Now, the Wizard101 pet joke of the day:

A young wizard walks into a potion shop, carrying a Krok pet and a chicken. He sets them down on the stool next to him, and says to the uncertain-looking vendor "I'll have a health elixer." Then the Krok pet says "And I'll have a experience potion." The dumbfounded vendor gasps "That's incredible; I've never seen a Krok pet that could talk!" And the wizard says "He can't; the chicken is a ventriloquist."

(Ouch! Did someone just throw their krok pet at me for that joke?)

Happy Dueling!


Heather Emeraldflame said...

Still haven't been able to get Meowiarty to drop one for Kaitlyn. The first time he dropped one for Emeraldflame and she gave it to my old Balance Grand(Heather Sandwalker.) I wish there was a family shared bank I could give it to Kaitlyn. I never buy the generic pets. I would swear that there is something built into the system that makes it harder for items that have anything to do with your school to drop for
Well, this seems like as good of time as any for another try in Big least I get plenty of loot to sell :D

BTW, does anyone know if Wavebringer still drops the Lightning Bat???

Heather Emeraldflame said...

One other BTW(lol)...I love the Krok artwork, that's way sharp looking!...No pun intended :)

The Overachieving Necromancer said...

wasn't it me who suggested this?
I remember commenting on the piggle page. BLUE GHOST FTW NEXT. (I hope :D)

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

My Krok's name is Muffin. My brother's friend got Osiris Papyrus on his Big Ben run, and I am JEALOUS.

Edward said...
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Edward said...

Hello All
@Heather, The Lightning Bat is still being dropped by the Wavebringer.

OK The Krok, hmmm I have both of them, but I must say the Krokotillian pet is much better do to the card.

Can't wait to see tomorrow's Pet

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@Edward: Thanks! :)

I have fought him soooo many times and never got it. I wish he had a second-chance chest.

BTW, I got my Krokotillian pet this afternoon for Kaitlyn. Check out my blog:

The Overachieving Necromancer said...

oh yeah, that was me that threw the krok at you. (Spencer, get off of Mr. LionBloods head, SPENCER NOW"

Mike said...

Wow. i must be real lucky, I did not get him on my first wizard (that is now a grand) but then on my second wizard(an ice magus) i did not get him either. but then i spent 50 crowns in the chest once, AND I GOT HIM! looks just like the other krock, but he gives a cool card. But in the end, i decided that my gift card pet that gives dragon blade was better then him, so i don't use him much on my ice wizard. And for my death grandmaster, well i would rather my wraith(lord fluffy) beside me in a fierce 4v4 grandmaster pvp duel, that the krock. so i think i might sell him to the bazaar.

JJ said...

lol, that is really funny!

Taylor LifeDreamer
Level 36
Ice Wizard
teen Wizard!