Sunday, November 1, 2009

How do I make furniture float?

Got a question here about a game glitch:
I saw in one of your earlier posts that you mentioned that you can make platforms with long rugs and floating books right outside your castle. How do you do that? i have seen many of my friends have it and i started wondering about it.

Hey! You're right, I did mention that somewhere before. So, this is actually a game glitch and there's been a number of youtube videos and other posts about this, but I've never done one before . . . so, ok, I can answer this for you.

First, Myrna will describe the floating book trick:

(you can click on these pictures to make them bigger)

You can actually construct pathways and stairways with these by stacking up two or three crates.

Next we'll have Kyle demonstrate the floating dragon trick:

Chessboards are great for making larger things float.

And finally, Kyle will now demonstrate the floating yardbird trick. You can use checkers anywhere and make stuff float all over the place.

You can just imagine all the spooky floating candles you could put everywhere in your house.

Hope that sparks your imagination and curiosity! Just be aware that this is a bug and that KI did not intend for this to work this way . . . but it is awesome.

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

This is probably the best bug in wizard 101 so far. I like floating things!

Anonymous said...

Does this work with statue bases too?

Gorman.RavenHunter said...

I've tried and failed before at this but now I REALLY want to get in the game and try this. But sadly, I have to finish my homework after my late lunch. So, I'll "hurry" and get it done so I can try it. Thanks Friendly. See ya'll in the Spiral (after my homework is considered finised)!

Tesh said...

Bug or no, I hope they keep it. This is fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

I am the one who Emailed the Friend;y Necromancer with this question