Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do you have any tips for low health and accuracy for a storm wizard?

Here's a question from SapphireEyes4u:
I Recently delete my life wizard because I made too many mistakes and decided to start over again. But I have been thinking about storm and I love all the storm spells but im afraid to be storm because of the low health and accuracy. Do you have any advice for me?

Yes, don't be afraid.

OH, you want a little more than that probably. OK! :-)

Storm is such a wonderful class. I can't tell you how many times I've been playing with someone and they dropped the comment "storm is so overpowered" on me. They just are awesome raw power to play!

Here's some advice:
1- Avoid going first. Your job is not to defend the group and make the group worry about your life. Your job is to silently build power while the rest are muddling around and then BOOM everything is dead. When I play my characters together, I will frequently let Thomas enter the circle first and even pass a round before putting Kyle into the circle.

2- Use your minion--especially if you solo. If you solo, then the storm minion is probably one of the best in the game for helping take the heat off of you and your low hitpoints. (I've got a little quasi-guide about how to use it here). You get it at level 18.

3- The glory of level 28--my word, you're going to love level 28. This is when you get your tempest spell and this is the best damage spell in the game. Yup, better than storm lord, better than fire dragon, better than anything else out there, and you get it at level 28!! Fizzle a round? No worries, the next round my tempest will be even BIGGER! It's versatile. I can't say enough about how much I love the tempest spell.

4- use your utility spells like precision (+10 accuracy) and thermic shield at low levels (*UPDATE removed my coding voodoo rant *UPDATE*)

5- Keep a shorter deck and use treasure cards. The problem with a lot of people when they fizzle is that their card they want to use is reshuffled deeper back into their deck, then they can't find it as they discard furiously looking for the right card. If you only pack enough damage and protection in your deck to kill what you could possibly face out on the battlefield (accounting for weaknesses and shields, etc.), then you have made a shorter deck. If you pack your sideboard full of treasure cards meant to either heal or kill (you have to choose one), then you'll always know where "that" card you need is. When making damage treasure cards for your storm wizard, use accuracy to make it instead of tough. (here's an older article on making treasure cards--read the top half of that)

6- Use your shields. As a storm wizard, you're going to love things like tower shield and all the other shields. You'll probably want to dabble in some life magic, eventually picking up Satyr, but along the way you're going to get Legend Shield relatively early. This is really helpful for facing all the death monsters in Wizard City. Use that legend shield often. A lot of storm wizards will also charge down the ice tree to get to Tower Shield and along the way pick up Volcanic Shield. Between thermic shield, volcanic shield, legend shield and tower shield, you've covered a lot of the protection you'll need. (then all that's left is to charge down death to get feint! ;-))

And that's all the time I've got this morning.

Best of luck with your endeavors! hope that helps! Readers fill in the gaps!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

my grand storm friend has never seen his storm minion attack!

M.W.S said...
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M.W.S said...

Precision is 10% accuracy for balance wizards/witches.... And your leaving some words w/ out the right captilization....

stingite said...

I'll get back to that coding voodoo topic when I have some more time and spitfire in me. :)

Anonymous said...

M.W.S.: Friendly said "fill in the gaps" not correct his spelling or other typos. Thats not cool dude. It sounds like he is usually pretty limited on the time he has to do his posts so cut him some slack!

David said...

would it be worth buying accuracy gear in the bazaar... or should you stick with powerpip, health and attack?

I know that the new crown gear they put in recently gave a +10% accuracy. I was thinking about buying it, but ended up buying the other set.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Storm is the most fun school, in my opinion. I think too many people are afraid of it, and that's too bad. And, yeah, it gets picked on a lot by people but I think it's just that they are jealous of the power it has, and they, themselves, are not brave enough to take it because they are afraid of getting killed because of the "low accuracy, low health" part of it. Well, personally I have never experienced any more fizzle with it than I have with Ice, Fire(fire is even worse in my actual experience with fizzle,)Ice, Balance, Myth. The only two schools that I usually don't have a fizzle in too often are Death and Life.
I really believe that if you fizzle a lot it's more due to who/what school wizards you are playing with. I solo A LOT, so I rarely fizzle...and no, I don't have all the level 50 added accuracy gear on my two storm Grands. I don't wear but the level 50 robe, athame, and ring...so my health is a little higher than the average Storm wiz, plus I have a little more global resistance with the Crown gear boots and hat.
One problem I see in what all was said is that you CAN NOT have, as secondary schools, Ice to Tower Shield, Death to Feint, and Life to Satyr. You just can't have them all, so you have to choose what two are best for your style. I am saying that with the thought that you are probably going to want Elemental traps and Elemental Blades. And even if you didn't get those that is still only 4 training points leftover(possible.)You need 5 for Ice's Tower shield, and really you don't need the volcanic shield, you get a 80% storm shield, and you get the Thermic(fire/Ice) shields from being Storm. Sure would be nice to have that Tower Shield though! But, for me that is deciding between having Feint and Tower, and I'd rather have Feint, so I can blow things up more...Muahahaha! I always take Life to Satyr so when I solo I have that to use, though anymore I "could" make my own Saytr cards...hmmm. Most often I run one of my Life Grands with one of my Storms. Life always goes in first and I have my life people set-up to do more than heal, they all have windstorm amulets with can stack with regular windstorm, and a few other tricks, Most of the time, as Storm, you actually don't need THAT much power. In fact you rarely need more than a blade or two and a trap and/or Feint to kill off something. BUT, it's so much more fun to blow them sky-high! :P
Honestly, I will never say Tempest is stronger than SL. It can't be unless you use a whole lot of extra cards that are not normally in your deck. Even with full power pips and a great set-up, it's normally not gonna hit the numbers that SL can. I average over 12k on bosses with a regular Storm set-up using SL..overkill, I know, but I'm having fun there. With Tempest it's never that high. But Tempest is still an awesome spell, that when used correctly knocks out the competition. Everything else Friendly said is very right. You just have to learn to shield and heal in a timely manner, and DO keep that deck short, and DO use your minion.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@David: In my experience, and opinion; that added accuracy gear really doesn't help. I stuck with power pips and health when I made and ran my Storm wizards through quests.
Now, if you PvP, you will want the accuracy, in there it is needed a LOT more...but that's a different animal in there.
I always bought crown gear but not the type with added accuracy, though I tried it and saw no difference. I always went for the higher health so I didn't have to heal as often, and the added power pips are great as you can strike even faster and get it over with more quickly(losing less health in the process.)
As for added attack/toughness, well Storm has plenty of that already so it's sort of the last thing you need to worry about ;)
You know how Fire Dragon just blows the shields off it's opponents in the first hit, then the DoT takes care of what is left? Well, Storm does it on pure power in one hit. Those little shields that Balance use as well as the tower shields Ice use come off like paper mache, and even the 80% can be taken care of with a REALLY good set-up. Though it's not a bad idea to get a Myth wiz to make you some Pierce cards or have an Ice wiz make some Steal Ward cards so you don't need to have as much set-up.Having those cards on most of my wizards is one of my favorite treasure cards to have...they use a shield or absorb; no worries :)
And weakness is no problem either, you are either gonna be powerful enough on a decent set-up that Weakness won't effect you OR you have the most awesome spell that, unfortunately, can't be made into Treasures: Cleanse Charm. I love that spell. If you do work with a balance person or someone that is giving you some extra blades, or you got global traps on your opponents and don't want to mess up your set-up by using a wand...well use that and that nasty Weakness will be history!

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@M.W.S.: Friendly most likely was meaning the Lightning Strike spell for the added 10% accuracy. Personally I never found that spell to make difference enough to use it. Sometimes you fizzle with it and it's just an extra thing to do. I do notice that certain worlds are worse for fizz, no matter what type wizard you use. Ever notice that Thunder Snake rarely fizzles in WC?..Same with Bats, but go to Krok and they are really bad. But it's the same with most any other school in Krok, the fizz there is terrible.Even Death and Life fizz a lot more there than they should.

And, yeah, lay off people for spelling and punctuation(also spell names(like Precision or Lightning strike,) if they are described well enough, as he did)...no one is perfect and Friendly is trying his best to help people in the time he has.

Anonymous said...

My friend plays as an Ice, wizard (because of their health) and then spends his training points in Storm, (although he dosen't get the best Storm spells) that's the way I'd go.

Silverheart said...

minions are useless after Marlybone

Samantha Drake-Roseheart said...

I say the same as heather. But dig out and stitch Master's Garment of the Triton if you have it. And, buy the crown gear with health. And a Scout Pig. That should take care of most of it. However, the Dragonscale Wrap has better health, so you may wanna use that. I reccomend still getting your Mali or old Triton robe IF YOU HAVE IT

stingite said...

@anon1: . . . and that's exactly what I want my storm minion to do!

@MWS: Yup, meant lightning strike. Sorry about that. My brain is still fuzzy at 5:30 in the morning. I will try harder.

@myself: spitfire is good.

@anon2: LOL. Thanks for understanding my plight. I will try harder though.

@David: +accuracy will help with the fizzles in the long run assured. That's a call you gotta make with your wizard. Would you rather sacrifice +damage or +powerpip or +health to fizzle less . . . it's all up to your playstyle. You know? You have to work it out yourself.

@Heather: dang lady. wow. thanks for throwing in your opinions to the pool.

I think to really figure out the fizzle differences you'd have to run a lot of tests. This is part of the "coding voodoo" that I was ranting about and ended up deleting. I actually trust KI's coding for the most part, so I believe what I read on my stat sheet.

Yup, you're right about the training points. You end up getting 18 and you'd need 19 to grab satyr, tower shield, and feint. Maybe when Celestia comes out you could do that. /shrug

And, I have to disagree with you about Tempest though. 14 pip count at 80 points of damage a pip puts Tempest at 1120 points of base damage compared to Storm Lord's 690. When you figure damage per pip up to 7 pips though, yes Storm Lord beats Tempest, but that is why you see all the "high hit" records on Central being made with Tempest, not Storm Lord.

@anon2: such a bad idea to play that way after about level 30 or so when you really start earning powerpips. But up until level 20-30, yeah, I'd agree with that strategy.

@Silverheart: /shrug . . . the storm minion works brilliantly for soloing. Did you watch my video of me soloing that Dragonspyre boss with the assistance of the storm minion?

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Hey, you're welcome!

And, yeah, I am just talking about total damage though, and with all the stuff you get, normally. Not using treasure cards at all, with only using your regular Storm traps, blade, Elemental trap & Blade from Balance, and the 35% traps from the amulet. And of course use Feint too, if you got it ;) I've tried the same set-up with both and had Tempest at full power pips and it never compares. I mean I LOVE the spell up until I get SL, but by the time you get him, you have to figure why waste time saving all those pips and hoping each one is a power pip as well? I have a good pip rating at 80%, though I know it *could* be higher, so I get them enough, but I don't want to have to worry about having all those for a Tempest. SL allows me to kill all and use less to do it, so it gives me a little to do other things with when needed. I always use SL to one hit Mali and his minions all at the same time...fun stuff!

Yeah, I am hoping, too, when Celestia comes out that they will give us more training points...I would love to be able to have Tower Shield on my Storm wizards, as well as keep the other stuff...saves coin not having to make Satyrs ;)

And, yeah, Storm Minion is brilliant past MB. I even use him at Malistaire's to take pressure off the first wizard in the circle. Just throw him some death shields every once in a while too and he is fine. Yeah, he might not last as long as in MB but to get a few rounds without being hit, yourself; it gives you time to recover a bit before the minion dies...then just call another minion...lol.

SorionHex said...

Actually, to be a 100% accurate. The highest multi target spell is Tempest. the highest single target spell is Judgement. And the highest overall/DamageOverTime card is Heckhoud... Fully charged Heckhound someone, I'd like to see them survive... Oh, and most healthed(not a word) Minion is death's Animate. Most absorbing shield is Ice Armor... Then er... Highest healing spell is Dryad... And erm... Myth... Sheesh idk about myth xD Most... Uniqueness? xD

Anonymous said...


Don't be afraid to be storm .

If you are worried about low health and accuracy

Remember that you can buy health and accuracy potions to help you.

HollywoodAngelWings said...

I Had the same problem and after i read your post it gave me the nerve to be Storm and now i am level 41 almost 42 so thank you Friendly